Get Off Your Knees [+Video]

You can be the blackest black man or woman in the world or you can be the whitest man or woman in the world… that matters little whether or not you succeed in life. You can choose whether or not you will let your color define you. You can choose whether or not you will let your socio/economic circumstances define you, and if you do, that is on you, and nobody else. You and only you can make that choice, and this is the wonderful thing about the United States of America, is it not? So just exactly what is everyone kneeling about?

Growing up, my grandmother had a saying that she repeated over and over again; “From the minute you’re born ’till you ride in a hearse, it’s never so bad that it couldn’t get worse.” No matter what your color is, only you can choose to make it worse…..or better, and when it gets better, it could always be worse. This is common sense teaching. Think it’s not? Stop for a minute and look around you. Really take a good hard look. See? Ah…..Now you are saying, “There but for the Grace of God, go I.” Now if you increase your wealth, your job, your position on the social and economic ladder, you will still be able to look around you and see the same thing. Your situation could always be worse. This is called life!

The NFL and now the rest of professional sports have just turned on everything that they have stood on for generations and the message that they have sent to the youth of America; that message of digging deep down within yourself to be your very best. To rise against all odds and stare down adversity. That you are the only person who can define you.

The message that the NFL and the rest of Pro Sports have embraced is the one of a victim. It smacks of a socialist agenda that promotes absolute equality for everyone, and that nobody should have to work harder than anyone else to achieve their goals to be successful. Only they don’t seem to understand that it’s never been that way for blacks…..or whites. There has always been a social class in America, and no matter how many times they take a knee, there always will be.

There is always going to be people who will try to hold you back. It doesn’t matter if you are black or white, that is a class thing. Nobody is going to just push you to the front of the line ahead of them. Stop with that nonsense. This is where the NFL players and owners are failing in a big way. They are sending a message that there are injustices and inequalities in this country that can’t be overcome by individuals unless the state steps in to pull you through. They are suggesting that individuals need to be coddled and in the process, they are destroying the message that people, and particularly the youth who are watching and admiring them as role models, can achieve the highest level of success if that is what they truly want because we are living in the greatest country on the face of the earth and that their circumstances do not reflect on the future they desire.

Capitalism knows no color but green, and there is but one road to being successful and you cannot get there on your knees. Black, Yellow, Brown, White; Get up, start working and then take what is yours because you earned it and not because you think you are entitled to it. You’ll take some lumps along the way and you’ll encounter some things that aren’t fair. Tough! That’s just life, that’s all. Stop whining, and push on through it. Those that do will one day be a great success. Those who refuse….will still be on their knees.

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