Trump Courts Conservatives with Solid Judges

Apart from tweets, the only thing this president is cranking out more of is judicial nominees. Yesterday, the White House sent its eighth wave of picks to the Senate, shattering the records of his predecessors and giving conservatives something to cheer about after an exasperating month.When Trump took office, he faced more court vacancies than all but one of the past five administrations. Almost immediately, he set to work, chipping away at the 150 empty seats on the bench. And to voters’ delight, his choices haven’t just been quick — but solid. One after another, the nominees have all shared a reverence for the Constitution, a respect for their role, and a commitment to impartiality. Under liberal fire, the handful who’ve had the benefit of a confirmation hearing have faced the Left’s insults with poise.

This bunch will be no different. With four tapped for the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, Trump is methodically balancing benches that have leaned Left for years. Conservatives couldn’t be happier about his choices, which include Louisiana’s former Solicitor General Kyle Duncan and Eastern District Chief Judge Kurt Engelhardt. “Top to bottom, this is an extraordinary list of judicial nominees,” said the Judicial Crisis Network’s Carrie Severino. “President Trump continues to hit grand slams in an area that unites and excites Republicans.”

Of course, the president has been very clear about the type of judges that he would appoint: judges who interpret the Constitution and laws according to the plain meaning of the words written. And that’s exactly who he’s nominating today.

I’ve known Kyle Duncan for years — going back to my time in state government in Louisiana. Kyle is an experienced litigator — arguing cases throughout the country including at the appellate and Supreme Court levels. Apart from being well-qualified, I’m certain he’ll adhere to the Constitution. Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett is another acute legal mind that I worked with during my time as a policymaker in Louisiana, and I was pleased to see him nominated. He’s built a strong reputation for integrity and a devotion to the principles that have made this a great nation.

Obviously, the administration is all-in when it comes to leveling the playing field that Barack Obama tipped with radical, agenda-driven activists. Now that Trump’s done his part, let’s hope Republican senators do theirs — and send these nominees on their way to a speedy confirmation.

Tony Perkins’ Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.

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