Iranian Nuclear Compliance Agreement is a Fantasy

Iran’s compliance with the nuclear agreement is a fantasy on par with the fantasy that North Korea will give up its nuclear weapons and missile development voluntarily. Iran and North Korea are evil partners.

President Reagan once said “Trust but Verify”. President Trump is under pressure from advisers Rex Tillerson and General Mattis among others in his administration to re-certify that Iran is in compliance with Obama’s dreadful nuclear agreement with Iran.

Even though these advisers claim they support President Trump their public statements undermine his policies. They have stated publicly and to Congress that Iran is in compliance with the Nuclear Agreement even though they have no way of determining this is true because Iran refuses to allow inspection of so called military and secret sites where they are free to do anything they choose.

These advisers are lawyering the agreement in order to uphold it disregarding the fact that Iran refuses inspection of various sites in violation of the intent of the agreement. It is the intent that counts even if a lawyer can nitpick the agreement to find a way to uphold it. Obviously these men have not asked themselves what is Iran hiding?

Adequate and full inspections are at the heart of the intent of the agreement. President Trump should not be hood-winked into certifying compliance with an agreement which can’t be verified. Some of Trump’s advisers wish to kick the can down the road in the same way that Great Britain’s Neville Chamberlain and Hitler did in 1939 which led to World War II.

President Trump—If you can’t Verify you can’t Certify.

AIPAC has outlined in the Video below what must be done with respect to Iran’s nuclear weapons and missile program and its aggression in the region.

VIDEO: AIPAC Director of Policy and Government Affairs Brad Gordon outlines a five-part approach to counter the threat from Iran.

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