How to expose an ACLU-Muslim-Shariah-Interfaith disinformation party!

Mug shot of Bassem Alhalabi, professor at Florida Atlantic University.

Many Americans know that the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has initiated a civilization jihad, information operation campaign against the United States in which the MB uses our own laws to destroy our “miserable house” from within. Well, that doesn’t quite fly with the good men and women at The United West.

Our view of the MB plan is very simple…we use our talents and resources to legally disrupt, disable and destroy the operational capability of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States of America. One way in which we have successfully smashed the Brotherhood’s disinformation operations is to simply set up our investigative cameras of TRUTH at any of the MB scam events.

The dark hearts of Muslim cultural jihadis are exposed, repelled and defeated by the lens and light of an iPhone or a 4k camera! Watch this short video and see exactly what happens when The United West team shows up at a joint ACLU/Muslim Brotherhood/InterFaith disinformation campaign designed to teach Americans that they have nothing to fear from the Islamic Shariah law! The leader of the Palm Beach ACLU, Mark Schneider and the infamous Professor Bassem Alhalabi, from Florida Atlantic University join together to really try and convince people that Muslim shariah law and the US Constitution work perfectly together!

You will not believe who chickens out, runs away and shows his true colors as a Muslim agent of lies, lies and more lies! Bottom Line – As the progressive left and the Muslim Brotherhood have joined together to destroy America you too can legally disrupt, disable and destroy their plan from hell with your brains, courage and a simple camera of TRUTH!

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