The KGB’s Roots and Pedigrees

Those three letters are familiar to you; they mean Committee for State Security. Semantically, the name seems normal. Yet, in reality, those three letters are threatening you, because they identify a militant force of Expansion. The current crisis with North Korea testifies to it, as the main patron of North Korea is Russia. Let me give you the origins, or genesis of Russia and its KGB to grasp the current reality. History is the mother of all sciences; hence you will see how awareness of the past plays a significant role in our present foreign and domestic affairs.

The first millennium A.D. gave us the rise and fall of the Roman Empire and the birth of Christianity. All of these things took place in the territory we call today Western Europe. Yet, something very important was developing in the part of Eastern Europe in the territory of contemporary Ukraine.

Most of you probably have never heard of Kievan Rus’. I lived the first half of my life in Russia and the term Kievan Rus was also not known to me, moreover it was a taboo in Soviet reality. But, in fact, Kievan Rus’ was a very well-developed medieval state in Europe with all the freedoms known to Western countries at the end of the first millennium. It was a loose confederation of Slavic tribes around the independent city-states Novgorod, Tver, Chernigov and others that underwent unification by the end of the first millennium. Kiev was the seat of their central government. These city-states resembled the independent city-states of Berlin or Cologne in Western Europe at the time. By the way the Vikings, who called the land Rus, played a role in the fate of Kievan Rus: they freed the land from Kharzas.

Although those Slavs had some Scandinavian blood, their common Slavic language was conducive to unification under Kiev. Kievan Rus’ grew into a federation and by the end of the first millennium it stretched from the Black Sea to the Baltic Sea, from the Carpathian Mountains to the Volga River. The Dnieper River that flows through Kiev was an important trade route and the primary reason Kiev was chosen as the administrative center of the federation. Through trade, Kievan Rus’ maintained close relations with the Byzantine Empire, Greece, and other European countries. Christianity and the Cyrillic alphabet both came to Kievan Rus’ from Greece. From a map you can see that Kievan Rus was in the heart of Europe.

It is an interesting story of how Kievan Rus found its religion. Duke Vladimir the Great understood the significance of religion. He sent his emissaries to the Byzantine Empire to learn about Islam, Judaism, and Christianity to choose the proper one for his country. When they returned and reported to the duke their study, Vladimir the Great was tempted by Islam because it allowed men to have several wives. But he finally decided against it because he thought his people would be unhappy under a religion that prohibits wine. So, in 988 Kievan Rus converted to Orthodox Christianity. The procedure itself took place in the Dnieper River and a lot of Russian art, music, and literature has been dedicated to that historic scene.

Eventually Kievan Rus’ began to play an increasingly important role in European politics. To get an idea of the significance of Kievan Rus’, please go to the internet and do some research.  You will see its achievements in architecture and literature, the scale of its economy, and its simple humanity. It will surprise you. The widespread personal serfdom of Western Europe did not exist in Kievan Rus’—it was a country of real freedom. The state reached its most powerful state in the mid-11th century. Its lands went south to the Black Sea and North to the Baltic Sea. Duke Vladimir the Great ruled in the so-called “Viking Age” or the “Golden Age” of Kyiv.

 By the beginning of the 12th century, tragedy struck the land and our history. There was a turning point in Russian fate as a new Slavic city-state began taking on some importance. Its name was the Duchy of Moscow.  At the time Moscow was nothing more than an insignificant trading outpost, several square miles in size in the most Eastern location in Kievan Rus.

The history of Russia has always been a relatively sad and tumultuous one wrought with wars, power struggles, and abrupt changes. The pursuit of power by the tribes began with the birth of the Moscow Duchy in 1147. Moscow wanted the power over all city-states of the Kievan Rus, and Moscow finally achieved it. But at what cost? Stay tuned as the history of what would come to be called the KGB had begun then, when the huge army of the Golden Horde attacked all Slavic cities.

As a matter of fact, in the same century the Duchy of Moscow was born in the West, Genghis Khan was born in the East.  He and his descendants extended the Mongol Empire across most of Eurasia by conquering or creating vassal states in all of modern-day China, Korea, the Caucasus, Central Asia, and substantial portions of Eastern Europe and Southwest Asia.  Many of these invasions repeated earlier large-scale slaughters of local populations. As a result, Genghis Khan and his empire had a fearsome reputation in local histories and the history of the world.

As you can see, the land itself has not changed: you can find Korean peninsula on the East and Crimea on the South. Two millennia did not change the land—human ideas had been changed, bringing political struggles and wars to the land… The map itself projects a background of contemporary Russia and the events of the past on its territory. You can see, the author of this map conveys his ideas by different lines on the map. They are horizontal, vertical, and the lines imitate battlefields; Look at the “killing field” near the Chinese border. Thousands of Mongols and Chinese lay in the land there for centuries.

Look at the line below the “killing field.” It is the Great Chinese Wall, which was built by China by the beginning of the first millennium A.D. The wall was working and Genghis Khan’s nomadic forces couldn’t overcome the wall… Genghis Khan decided to go to the West…

Tatar-Mongol Invasion of the Kievan Rus

When the Mongol invasion had occurred, the people of the Kievan Rus’ overwhelmingly resisted. Unlike them, the Moscow princes had preferred accommodation and found a common language with the invaders. The Mongols, after feeling the resistance of Kievan Rus’, realized the importance of local help. They came to an agreement under which Moscow collected taxes for the Mongols, gave them other forms of help and participated in killing other Slavs. That agreement made Moscow and the invading Mongols partners.

It was the direct Moscow collaboration with the Mongols against the Kievan leadership and treachery that eventually led to the destruction of the Kievan Rus. Inflamed by Moscow, a systemic hunt for the princes had begun to eliminate the leadership, the princedom of the Kievan Rus. When Kievan Rus’ had lost its top leadership: “The Mongols sacked Kiev and all major towns; their practice of total destruction led to dismemberment of the Kievan princedom…” Kiev was drowning in human blood, and the hunt for the surviving princes’ continued until all of them were beheaded. Most cities of Rus’ were erased and the survivors of the wreckage fled north to escape the wrath of the Golden Horde. If you remember the name of Genghis Khan, you can imagine what was left of Kievan Rus’ after his victory.

For their part, Moscow continued hunting other surviving Slavic leaders, until all of them had been beheaded—Moscow never liked competition. Moscow’s collaboration with the Mongols lasted 300 years, during which they coexisted and even mingled to some degree. Don’t be surprised by the current Russian character—double dealing and deviousness have become dominant traits in Russian leadership as a result of that criminal union. The Mongol yoke lasted 300 years — that meant 10-11 generations of Russians lived and interbred with the Mongols of the Golden Horde.

While the Mongols often raided other areas of Rus’, they tended to respect the lands controlled by their collaborators-Muscovites. This, in turn, attracted nobles and their servants, who sought to settle in the relatively secure and peaceful Moscow lands.   I am not talking only about ordinary people, many of the Russian nobility loved the Tatar language and adapted their surnames. In a survey of Russian noble families of the 17th century, over 15% of the Russian noble families had Tatar or Oriental origins.

This equilibrium lasted until Russian Prince Dmitry Donskoy gathered all the Slavic peoples into an armed force that defeated the Golden Horde in the 13th century. The Mongols retreated south, to today’s Central Asia with former Soviet Muslim Republics and to the Caucasus Mountains. They assimilated with the locals. Some Mongol forces went onward to Afghanistan and assimilated with local tribes there. Later on, all those locations were converted to Islam.

Due to the fact of the economic and cultural core of Rus’ being located on the territory of modern Ukraine, Ukrainian historians and scholars consider Kievan Rus’ to be a founding Ukrainian state. I agree with them.

Once a student asked me what was the force that stopped the Golden Horde and saved Europe? I would say that Kievan Rus’ resistance had become a barrier for the Mongols to go farther into Europe. My conclusion is as follows: With Moscow’s help, Kievan Rus had been thrown on the altar of humanity to save Europe. Kievan Rus had existed for almost three centuries. Compare that with our USA, which is now 240 years old…

Consequences of the Genghis Khan conquest

There are two main consequences of the Genghis Khan conquest for Russia and the world:

  1. All principalities of the Kievan Rus were annexed by the Duchy of Moscow due to the Mongol conquest in 1521. The Kievan Rus ceased to exist…The Slavic principalities were brought together into the Russian Empire in the 18th century, as the result of Moscow’s first expansion to the West. Moscow carries on that process to this day.
  2. The concept of “oriental despotism” had been introduced to world history.

Those two points are inextricably connected—they are intertwined with each other. Let me first show you how this concept of “aggressive oriental despotism” worked in Russia, immediately after the Mongol departure.

As we know the Duchy of Moscow annexed all principalities of the Kievan Rus by 1521, so, the first Muscovite ruler Ivan IV began using the title of Tsar instead of Duke. The development of the Tsar’s autocratic powers reached a peak during his reign (1547–1584), and he became known as “Ivan the Terrible“. Yes, the Terrible, he even killed his own son. Just remember the Mongols barbaric brutality and hate of peaceful competition. Moreover, to help him to rule, Ivan the Terrible had also established a militant force named Oprichniki. Those were the parents of the KGB, the force behind the Tsar-ruler.

Ivan IV strengthened the position of the Tsar and the Russian leaders following him further developed the Tsar’s autocratic rules and “aggressive oriental despotism” in Russia. Their militant forces had different names, but the same protocol, and agenda. Besides that, Ivan the Terrible gave birth to the Russian Imperial Impulse by conquering Siberia. The entire Russian nationality was psychologically impacted by the Mongol spirit of conquest, especially the agencies of militant forces like Oprichniki, the KGB, and today’s GRU. Mongol DNA has not changed since then in Russia…

Let me give you the second example of a totalitarian “oriental despotism”–Joseph Stalin. As you know, the defeated Mongol army retreated down South and assimilated with the tribes in the location of the Caucuses Mountains. That is where Stalin was born. His background is similar to that of Ivan the Terrible and the events of the 20th century, using fierce barbaric violence in Russia, fully illustrated his “aggressive oriental despotism.” Stalin was the Father of the contemporary KGB: he built the agency’s “spirit of superiority” above average in quality, skills, and intellect. In the last one he used the chess ability to keep several steps ahead of his enemy. Chairman of the KGB Yuri Andropov strengthened it.

In planning the KGB’s agenda, Stalin followed Lenin’s words, who wrote about his Bolsheviks: “We stand for terror—this should be frankly admitted.”  Recall these words today and remembering that the agency you know as the KGB has changed its name eight times to cover up the crimes committed, seven times under Stalin and then under Putin. To learn more read chapter 6: The Soviets, in Socialist Lies, Xlibris, 2016.

I am a child of Stalinism; I have lived half of my life through this regime. That is the reason I have written about Stalinism and warned you about Soviet Socialism for the last twenty years. Using the militant force of the KGB, Stalin combined and unified the concept of “aggressive oriental despotism” with the ideology of Soviet Socialism. Then Stalinists infiltrated and used Islam to benefit Stalin’s ideological agenda to conquer Western civilization and the world. That was one of the reasons I began calling Soviet Socialism, Soviet Fascism.

It was Stalin who started spreading the Ideology of Soviet Fascism over the world. After China, North Korea was the next. In 1945 defeated Japan had left a political vacuum in North Korea and Stalin used it. A Korean army was formed, trained, and equipped to the teeth with Soviet arms. Supervised by the KGB’s men, it was sent to implement Stalinist ideological formula in North Korea. Stalin personally chose its leader—a captain of the Soviet Army, Kim IL Sung. Since then, the connection between the Soviet military, the KGB and the Korean military has never ended—Soviet Fascism is currently working there. I don’t see a peaceful solution to the crisis in North Korea…

Like many other problems of the world, North Korea is Stalin’s creation. It is a legacy of the ideology of Soviet Socialism, and as I have changed the term of ideology, we are dealing with the country of Soviet Fascism today. This ideology, like a plague, infects human minds. It is not a coincidence that the Korean dictator and Democrats use the same semantics against President Trump: “mentally deranged,” both belong to the same Socialist Ideology of Soviet Fascism. Don’t forget how the left organized and paid for the violent protests against Trump before the election 2016. I described it in Socialist Lies, talking about the Obama/Putin Joint Venture.

Today the Obama/Putin Joint Venture has regrouped and continues its destabilizing activities under a shadow government in the U.S. named the Deep State. Thirty thousand Obama holdovers, top dogs went over to an organization called Organizing for Action (OFA). OFA is behind the strategic and tactical implementation of “The Resistance” to make America great again we are seeing across America, and politically active courts, shaped by the Clinton mafia, provide the leverage for these un-American activities, I call counter-revolution. The time has come to identify Soviet Fascism and call a spade a spade. Politicized Media and Intel are unable to filter out fake news and false narratives. Both are ill-informed. The recent kneeling during the national anthem is also a problem brought to us by the ideology of Soviet Fascism with its racial divisiveness. Just watch Kaepernick speaking and sending a political message by wearing a shirt with Che Guevara in front. Yet, it is a subject that should be discussed separately.

Soviet Expansion in Afghanistan

Another example of “oriental despotism” are the Soviet Muslim Republics: You know now that the defeated Mongol army, which retreated down South, moved further and assimilated with the tribes in the location of the former Soviet Muslim Republics and Afghanistan. Does our State Department or our Intel know the story I just told you? No, they think of it as history – disconnected with today’s events. And this is the answer to the American failure in Afghanistan. Look at the nationalities of the former Soviet Muslim Republics bordering Afghanistan: Tajiks, Uzbeks, and so on. They have similar language, culture, and common religion of Islam… Those nationalities constitute the Taliban army, which is sponsored by the Russian KGB. Though Pakistan plays a role in the war, the Russian agencies of intelligence and their operatives are the main actors.

Yes, the Soviet army retreated from Afghanistan in the 1980s, but in reality, the Russian operatives are still working with Taliban, organizing resistance to the US.  Don’t forget, that the leaders of the former Soviet Muslim Republics, bordering Afghanistan are all Communists, subordinated to Putin. Knowledge of Russia is a must to fight this “aggressive oriental despotism.” It has already reached our land, changing our culture by twisting false narratives and fake news of our media, which is spreading across the globe like a plague. Political Correctness is also Stalin’s invention and his legacy, I have described it in detail in my latest books. For your information: All terrorist groups, including ISIS, have the same structural and political affiliation with Russia. Putin is a mortal enemy of America and President Trump. Putin has never helped Trump in the election 2016…

Today we can find a vivid similarity between the events in America and the actions of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Just look at the story of the destruction of General Robert E. Lee and Columbus monuments. The American left wants to destroy all of them to create a distorted history, a typical Soviet policy of Stalinism. It resembles the activities of the Taliban in Afghanistan, destroying valuable ancient artifacts. Look at two similar policies in different countries: the influence of Soviet Fascism inculcated by Obama to the American Left and activity of the KGB in Afghanistan. Yes, it is again Russia. Even more: The violent actions of the leftist Antifa and BLM are mirroring neo-Nazis in all their behaviors.

Journalist Tim Pool has researched those militant forces—all those leftists are anarchists, communists, or Socialists. Their agenda is to attack America’s legitimacy, the system left to us by our Founding Fathers. The leftists are trying to make America the cause of all troubles in the world. Who is behind this militant force? In my opinion, it is familiar to you, the KGB. Isn’t it time to investigate the Democrat’s leadership, defending BLM, Antifa, and other militant groups sponsored by Soros? Look at their flier, demanding Trump’s removal.

 “Our protest must grow day after day and night after night – thousands becoming hundreds of thousands, and then millions – determined to act to put a stop to the grave danger that the Trump/Pence Regime poses to the world by demanding that this whole regime be removed from power.” I recognized this narrative as typical Soviet propaganda, with hate, inciting fear and intimidation.


So, there are two types of people committing betrayals in America: those who do not like the system established by our Founding Fathers– they are currently collaborating with the KGB to destroy America, and those politicians who have no clue about the KGB, hence becoming their accomplices. I hope this column will help you to identify both types of traitors in America, remembering the words of Denis Prego: “Putin is as Socialist as Brezhnev was.”

For all eight years of Obama’s presidency, I warned you about ongoing WW III, the KGB, Soviet Fascism, and the Obama/Putin joint venture, I called it Destruction of the American Republic. Look back to the deeds of Obama’s administration, analyze them and you will find tremendous damage done to America by this Joint Venture.  Regrettably, something opposite is going on in America. A Special Council, Robert Mueller, investigates the Trump Team instead of investigating Obama/Putin Joint Venture. I am not sure whether Robert Mueller knows the story I just told you. I doubt that some Republicans like Paul Ryan, Senator Corker, or Michael Medved understand the evil-threat coming from Russia and its KGB. Time is the major commodity in the era of global technological acceleration to use it and win. Republicans should know that…

Recent hysteria about Trump/Russia collusion was manufactured and orchestrated by the Obama/Putin Joint Venture to divert attention from themselves and treason committed by the DNC leadership. Stay tuned, some decent Republicans are on their way to exposing it. Reading my latest books, will make them very effective. Steve Bannon is right, he is very knowledgeable in the Soviet agenda of our destruction from within, and he was quoted Lenin by heart. Republicans should learn from him…

The Vegas massacre was a successful KGB special operation like the one that gave 20 percent of our Uranium to Russia and millions to the Clinton mafia. I noticed several indicators of the Russian military doctrine in the behavior of the Vegas shooter. Regrettably, our politicized and incompetent Intel is unable to find them. They not only suppressed my books they made me a foreign agent by the FISA court to block information about my books. That tells me that our Intel, infiltrated by moles, has lost the ability to identify the enemy and wholly defend our country.

Two latest FBI Directors Robert Mueller and James Comey missed the crime committed by the Clinton mafia and provided Russia with Uranium that possibly went to Syria and North Korea… By the way, the Obama/Iran Nuclear Deal was a very successful international KGB operation, which like many others was missed by the FBI and the seventeen agencies, obliged to defend the country. I am afraid that a phony “dossier on Trump” that seduced Robert Mueller, in fact, is manufactured dirt by the KGB to denigrate the American President. Up to now, Mr. Mueller has wasted a lot of money and time falling into a trap, created by the KGB.

Since Putin joined the government in Moscow, his main agenda was a revival of Stalinist regimes of North Korea and Iran. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard corps-Quds force was built by the KGB, totally imitating the structure of the agency itself. Just watch Moscow’s student Major General Qasem Soleimani, Commander of Quds Force—a division primarily responsible for extraterritorial military and clandestine operations. America identifies Quds Force as a terrorist organization. Please research the bio of Soleimani, he is responsible for Iranian global preparation of terrorism…  Look at Iranian forces in Iraq and Syria and recall the “Axis of Terror” under the Russian umbrella…

The recent avalanche of nature against America also brings the memory of the KGB actions in Russia. Knowing the long-term KGB’s engagement in conquering nature, I suspect KGB in a cascade of catastrophically destructive hurricanes and wildfires, which crashed down upon America in 2017. Our Intel, all seventeen of them should read my books and learn…

God has given us Donald J. Trump to defend and secure the system created by our Founding Fathers. Help him to do that. Help him to dismantle Obama’s radical socialist legacy. Help President Trump to defend, and save the American Republic! Let’s revive the spirit of our Founding Fathers and repair the culture of America the Beautiful!

I hope that the information, conveyed in this column, will help you to correctly interpret the events going on in America and across the globe today.

“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” – Elmer Davis

To be continued on and on

Copyright 2017. Simona Pipko. All rights reserved.

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