Good vs. Evil: The Moral Compass Lost

All people are evil. You are, as am I. It’s in our human DNA. Every one of us has had an evil thought. While not gender specific, men, I believe, have a far greater propensity for this because of testosterone. Now here’s the good news and the bad news.

First the good news.

While we are all evil by nature, we all have a moral compass. This moral compass prevents us from acting on urges or thoughts of violence. So, how do we come by this moral compass. Well, think, “It Takes A Village.” Your compass and mine are calibrated by the environment and stimuli of the world in which we live. This is all inclusive and includes parents, friends, teachers, clergy, relatives, television, video games, and just about anything and everything that we come into contact with during the course of our existence.

My grandmother had a saying when I was growing up, “Water seeks its own level.” The message that she was delivering to me was that our moral compass can be just as easily be compromised, which allows us to unleash and act on the evil thoughts and ideas that lurk deep within us. Turning off the moral compass is accomplished the same way as turning it on…..It Takes A Village!

Our Village has become corrupt and immoral.

The Village now celebrates homosexuality, Transgenderism, gender neutral and even Pedophilia in some corners as “diversity,” and scorns and shames those who disagree with them. To even suggest that you are a person of white skin immediately makes you a racist. The mention of the name, “Jesus” on television today will likely result in the word being “beeped” out so as not to offend anyone. This Village is full of rage. The NFL falls to its collective knees at the playing of our National Anthem in a clear show of defiance and disrespect.

There is no longer News either on television or print. What we have today is a competition for your mind to set your beliefs, your way of thinking to the right, or to the left. Everything is spin. Everything is either a half truth or an outright lie. You cannot trust anything that you hear or read. It’s a part of the war.

There is a war on boys!

Today, boys are being emasculated. it is no longer appropriate for a boy to act like a boy, it is offensive. Every day we read about a little boy on the school grounds at recess who kissed a little girl on the cheek and then is suspended for “inappropriate” behavior. A little boy draws a picture of a gun and is immediately sent to the school counselor for evaluation. Department stores are doing away with “boys departments” in favor of “unisex” departments. Five and six year old boys are being pushed by parents to be girls because they wear their mothers high heels around the house and the parent is certain that this is a cry for help from the child that they want to be a girl. Contact sports are being eliminated from schools because they are “hurtful.”

In 1971 I referred to a female gym teacher as a “bitch.” I was smacked and literally dragged to the Principal’s Office where I was suspended for three days. When I got home I was asked to recount the events that lead up to my suspension whereupon I was smacked again and given another three days at home doing chores. Today there would be a lawsuit against the school. In fact, students today act and say what they please in the classroom and teachers are helpless to do anything about it. They cannot force a student who is being unruly to leave their classroom. They must call for a Police Officer to remove the student.

Subliminal advertising is a brief flash on a television screen with a message.

It is so quick and so brief, you will not consciously see or recognize it, but subconsciously you certainly will. For instance, during the course of your favorite program, if the word, “Coca Cola” was allowed to subliminally appear 50 times, it is very likely that you would suddenly have an urge to “Have a Coke and a Smile.” It is interesting to note that in the world of television advertising, subliminal advertising is not legal.

It is a form of mind control and still, we are being subject to millions of these types of messages every single day. What’s more, I am not the demographic being targeted. Our young people are. The most impressionable among us are. Before their moral compass can be set. Today there is a war raging for the hearts and minds of our youth and those who wish to set the moral compass have been losing this war, badly.

It’s time we stood up to the facts.

The most recent and awful tragic shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland, Texas was the result of the loss of a moral compass. You can call it mental illness if you wish, but where did it start, and how was it propagated. Do not look to Washington, D.C. and politicians to fix this problem. When they start beating their collective chests about gun control, tell yourself this irrevocable truth; it’s only because they refuse to talk about the loss of a moral compass in our country, and so we will only continue down this path, unleashing the demons that have been strengthened and encouraged by an ever growing society that there are no vices or virtues, or borders, or rules. Only hate.

©2023. Kevin Schmersal. All rights reserved.

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