VIDEO: CNN caught deceptively editing, again

Months after Project Veritas exposed CNN for deceptively editing their news — in order to push a phony narrative that the facts don’t justify — they’re up to it again.

Check out this anti-Trump video CNN aired — and then watch as Project Veritas compares it to the footage of what actually happened.

Project Veritas has caught some of the biggest names in news — like CNN and The New York Times — actively pushing a biased, ideological agenda, rather than the facts.

And, somehow, they still think the average American is too dumb to figure it all out.

That’s why Project Veritas’s investigations into the mainstream media are so critical. The mainstream media won’t stop with their lies, deceptions, fake news, and bias — and it’s up to you and me to hold them accountable.

Watch as Project Veritas catches CNN in their latest, shameful round of deceptive editing now — and how our team is holding them accountable.

Thanks again for all your help and continued support of Project Veritas.

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