The Morning Light

It’s a Saturday morning and I am out doing my week end rounds.  But it’s a little different from a typical Saturday.  The morning sunlight is just amazing.

We are at that time of year when the sun is lower in the sky and after a few days of rain and wind, the air and sky are very clear.  The sky is a majestic blue with just a few wispy clouds to punctuate the blue color.

The light is bright, crisp yet warm.  And it makes everything glow.  Its like when Ronald Reagan had his campaign commercial, Morning In America.

The people of Concord, NH were beginning to rustle about.  It just seemed as if the world was somehow a bit more cheerful.

I passed by the New Hampshire State House and noticed the gold dome was glowing.  The golden dome recently underwent a complete renovation so the gold is bright and shiny.  The sun was hitting that dome at just the right angle and it actually glowed.

It was like a beacon shining for the world to see.  Much like when the Statue of Liberty underwent its renovation and the flame was true copper bright.  But this was an autumn day in the Granit State.

I had to stop and get a picture.

As I walked the street, I noticed how clean and clear and fresh the air and sky were.  It seemed that the sun was causing pedestrians to glow just a little.  There were children playing soccer in front of the State House while a few others took a late morning pick nick on the still green lawn.

I snapped my photo and got a few other down town icon shots as well.  Then I got back in my car to continue my rounds.  Not far from the hustle and bustle of down town Concord, I passed by an old New England cemetery.

There is a lot of American history interned in this cemetery.  This particular final resting ground contains the remains of one of America’s presidents.  Franklin Pierce.

As the sun hit his monument at just the proper angle, I felt a sense of history over take me.  All the American stories that are in that hallowed ground.  All of that American history.  Hundreds of people who lived, who loved, who contributed to this great land.  Now silent and at peace.

I wanted to stop and talk with them all.  Find out who they were.  Why they did what they did.  What they think of the state of our nation today.  I can only imagine what President Pierce would say.  I am sure it would not be pleasant.

“Mr. Eccles,” the President would begin.  “We gave you a gift.  We gave you and 300 million people a gift.  And you are squandering that gift, sir.  Your people have forgotten who we are.  I lived and died a free man.  Will you, at the end of your days, be able to say the same?”

“Mr. Eccles,” he would continue.  “All is not lost.  There are those who hold the torch of liberty high and bright with might and stern pertinacity.  That is why this nation survives.  That is why this gift that I and so many that came before me will not be completely squandered and lost to history.  Liberty and Justice is worth any price and its worth the grind of any fight.  I commend you and others who have not forgotten the lessons of history.  I commend you, sir.”

Yes, the sun is shining unusually bright this morning.

It’s the bright morning light of freedom.

God Bless the United States of America.

May the gifting light of liberty shine on forever and a day.

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