Open Letter to President Donald J. Trump

Dear President Trump,

It has been a wondrous benefit to the United States of America to have you as President and Commander in Chief.

Your principled stand against the Leftwing onslaught, which is in a full court mode to fulfill the destructive and anti-American words of your predecessor, Barack Hussein Obama, to “transform America,” is applauded and deeply appreciated by millions of Americans.

You are the bulwark against the baleful attempt to eviscerate the magnificent and divinely inspired U.S. Constitution and our very way of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. With millions of other Americans, I salute you and stand with you in your holy task of saving – perhaps for the last opportunity we have – our beloved land as we know it.

I believe you will therefore elevate and enhance America’s moral core by taking a monumental step in righting a wicked policy that has besmirched natural justice. That moral core is the epic step of America, and its President – you President Trump – in finally honoring the beleaguered State of Israel by recognizing that its capital city is united Jerusalem. By doing so, you will have taken the historic step of righting a terrible wrong in finally announcing to the world that the eternal 3,000 year old Jewish capital of Israel is Jerusalem – the only capital of a sovereign and reconstituted nation whose capital city has been denied recognition.

I urge you with all the passion I possess to please, please take the golden opportunity of your upcoming speech regarding the status of Jerusalem to announce not just that America recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state, but also that the US Embassy will now be located in Israel’s capital as a matter of legal, historic and moral right.

At the same time, please, Mr. President, do not fall for yet another discredited so-called Two-State-Solution, whereby tiny Israel is forced to abandon its very biblical and ancestral Jewish heartland – known for over 3,000 years as Judea and Samaria – but whose illegitimate preferred name by a hostile world is the West Bank.

As you know, sir, this fraudulent name was given to the biblical Jewish territory by the Jordanians who had invaded and illegally occupied Judea and Samaria, including the eastern half of Jerusalem, in 1948 until it was liberated by the IDF during the Arab imposed 1967 Six Day War. In acceding to Arab demands, by tearing out Israel’s biblical heartland in order to create yet another Arab terror state, will bring calamitous war and prove a tragic legacy,

In conclusion, dear Mr. President, I and so many others pray and hope that you will put an end to the State Department’s endemic hostility towards Israel and its shameful record of coercion towards the brave Jewish residents of Judea, Samaria, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights who suffer relentlessly from Palestinian Authority and Hamas terror and genocidal violence.

Thank you, President Trump.

May I wish you these words in Hebrew.

Yasher Koach, (All honors to you).

Victor Sharpe

Published author of the four volume work, Politicide: The attempted murder of the Jewish state.

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