Offshore Cape Wind Project Dead

I didn’t want to have to wait until the next issue of our Newsletter to share with you two pieces of VERY good news…

1 – The developer for the large proposed offshore Cape Wind project officially threw in the towel. This story has yet to be picked up by major media outlets, but this excellent news is the direct result of some fifteen (15±) years of hard work, dedication and financial donations by a lot of good people.

Kudos to our friends at Save Our Sound who led this fight. Hopefully by the time the Newsletter comes out there will be a detailed, accurate account about this interesting saga — which I’ll then pass on. We believe that much of what was learned here can be applied to other wind projects, onshore and offshore.

2 – Since it didn’t get a lot of press, not many people know that there was a very high-level Climate Change debate. This was sponsored by APS (a physics society). The professionally moderated meeting consisted of three top experts on each side of the global warming issue. It was a lively discussion.

Just last week Rupert Darwall put together a simply outstanding summary of that event. I thought he did an excellent job of delineating the main issues of a complex topic in an understandable manner — and then reasonably representing each side’s arguments on all of those primary issues. The bottom line is that if you’d like to get a superior understanding of the different positions on climate change, carefully go through his fascinating and very readable summary.

PS: Our intention is to put some balance into what most people see from the mainstream media about energy and environmental issues… As always, please pass this on to open-minded citizens, and on your social media sites. If there are others who you think would benefit from being on our energy & environmental email list, please let me know. If at any time you’d like to be taken off this list, simply send me an email saying that.

PPS: I am not an attorney, so no material appearing in any of the Newsletters (or our website) should be construed as giving legal advice. My recommendation has always been: consult a competent attorney when you are involved with legal issues.

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