VIDEO: The ‘politicization’ of the Hillary Clinton email/Mueller investigation — top FBI agent fired!

Judicial Watch founder Tom Fitton discusses the politicization of the Mueller investigation given the revelation that one of the top agents Peter Strzok, involved in both the Hillary Clinton email and the Russian collusion investigations,  has along with his mistress, been fired.

According to multiple news outlets FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok, was the deputy head of counterintelligence at the FBI. He was the tip-of-the-spear in the Clinton email investigation assigned by James Comey. FBI Agent Strzok was part of a very small special team, called the “skinny team”, tasked with investigating Hillary Clinton. Agent Peter Strzok was one of the few people who actually interviewed Hillary Clinton.

Additionally, this year agent Peter Strzok was personally selected by Special Counsel Robert Mueller to be the TOP FBI AGENT in charge of the investigation into collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian collusion conspiracy.

However, as a direct outcome of an Inspector General investigation into Peter Strzok, it is just coming to light that text messages and written communication between Strzok and an FBI lawyer named Lisa Page will show a strong bias to clear Clinton and against Trump.

Behind the communication, Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page were having an affair. Strzok and Page communicated with each other about their disdain and hatred for Donald Trump while they were key members of the Muller investigative team.

Strzok has been removed from Mueller’s investigative team after it was found out he exchanged anti-Trump text messages with a mistress. reports the five facts about FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok:

  1. Strzok Reportedly Had an Affair With an F.B.I. Lawyer Lisa Page, to Whom He Often Texted Anti-Trump & Pro-Clinton Messages
  2. Strzok Was Removed From the Investigation in August & Page Was 1 Month Later
  3. Strzok Took Part in the Clinton Email Investigation & Reportedly Altered the Language of the Findings
  4. Strzok Graduated From Georgetown University & His Wife Works at the SEC
  5. Strzok Was Named in a Lawsuit Against the F.B.I. For Its Use of Polygraphs When Interviewing Applicants

Read the details here.

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