Prediction: In 2018 other countries will quietly move their embassies to Jerusalem

Three reasons why the Embassy move is great for the United States and the world!

YES, Leaders lead and others follow, so indeed, more countries will move their Embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in 2018. Here are three reasons why this “apocalyptic” decision by President Trump will NOT cause world disorder but more stability in the Middle East.

  1. MUSLIM RAGE IS ETERNAL – Muslim rage, or insane behavior like blowing yourself up to please God is part of historic Islamic doctrine, it ain’t going away folks! Therefore it must NEVER be a factor in constructing principled public policy. Why has the USA deferred moving OUR Embassy for 22 years because of “Muslim Rage?”  This was a perfect time for the Trump move.
  2. MUSLIMS LEADERS REALLY HATE “PALESTINIANS” – The worst kept secret in the world is that the Saudi’s can’t stand the “Palestinians.” In fact most “advanced” Muslim countries hate the people who call themselves palestinians and have carried on this nonsense of “rage, terrorism and right of return” for 70 years! BUT, the countries like Saudi, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan have to play to their insane Jew-hating populations and these leaders make a lot of noise for public consumption but then call Bibi for help from his IDF when they need it, like EVERY DAY!  These leaders will scream and yell at Israel and Trump for a couple of months and then Muslims will get used to the new normal of a stronger Israel. The Sunni Arab countries need Israel’s help against the Iran more than they care for the theatrical Palestinians and their fat-cat, Ritz Carlton-living billionaire leaders!
  3. ISRAEL IS THE STRONG HORSE OF THE MIDDLE EAST – The Arab world, even pre-Mohammad, lived by the tribal doctrine, Strong Horse, Weak Horse. Darwin called this “survival of the fittest.” In the Middle East, Israel is the fittest, which is another evidence of the miracles of God in the life of the Jews. How else can a country a mere 70 years old surpass the strength of the complete 1400 year-old Muslim Umma?  In spite of all the deadly comical “protesting” of the Muslims, which has become a cottage industry for the fat-cat leaders, there is real fear and respect for the Israelis. This move by President Trump has dramatically increased Israel as the STRONG HORSE of the Middle East.

מזל טוב

Mazel Tov President Trump!


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