VIDEO: ABC Debate Covering President Trump’s Accomplishments

A live debate recapping President Trump’s 1st year of accomplishments on ABC. Debate featured Republican State Committeeman Christian Ziegler and prominent local Democrat Frank Alcock. The debate was heated at times, but covered a lot of the WINNING that has been going on.

Click on a topic below to jump to that portion of the debate:

1:15Discussing The Positive Effects Of Trump’s Tax Reform Bill  
4:07Defining Trump’s Legislative Accomplishments & The Media’s Bias 
5:54Russia, Russia, Russia, Democrats Can’t Stop Talking Russia
8:29“Purging” The Deep State 
12:13Trump Foreign Policy Successes 
14:10ISIS Being Exterminated By Trump, Mattis And Our Brave Armed Forces
15:47Jeff Flake & Establishment Grasping To Maintain Control & Power

Supporting Documents:

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  • Tax reform
  • Cutting regulations
  • Appointment of judges
  • Exterminating ISIS
  • Much, much more.

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