Putin’s KGB on American Soil

“America is like a healthy body and its resistance is Threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual Life. I you can undermine these three areas, America will Collapse from within.”   —  Joseph Stalin 

When Attorney General Jeff Session recused himself from the Russian probe, I wasn’t surprised, but angered. Some Republicans, especially from the old establishments are not aware of the crucial role Russia plays as a principle destabilizer in the world affairs. Regrettably, our AG like them is ignorant about our mortal enemy, who harms and fights us for the last hundred years. If AG doesn’t know Russia and its KGB, he cannot control DOJ. AG made a monumental error and I was furious, understanding the circumstances of his mistake in the future, as all our troubles today caused by Russian KGB…

Today in 2018 you are witnessing that my prediction was right on the money. The Russian factor is a crux of the matter in all our world affairs. In my preceding column, The Global Spy Ring, I have presented the KGB’s world activities, now I want to give you some history of the KGB. I have been a witness of that history and a witness of monumental incompetence of our Intel, all seventeen in the post-Reagan and pre-Trump era. History is the Mother of all sciences, and I’ll try to show you the nature of the KGB full of intrigues, deception, corruption, and murders, its inextricable connection of the past with the present Trump era.

A Brief History of the First KGB Chairman        

Ten years ago, when I started writing What is Happening to America? I gave you some history of the KGB. Yet, today, I want to introduce a document that will give you a huge panorama of the ruthless Russian Intelligence, full of intrigues, deception, corruption, and murders. The portrait of the first KGB Chairman Ivan Serov exposes the bloody nature of the agency. Those who know Soviet history will find familiar names here:

“Ivan Serov, an officer of military intelligence, at the time of the purges of the GRU he managed not only to survive but also to transfer to work in the NKVD. On 12 June 1937 he appeared in the capacity of executioner of Marshal Tukhachevski and other leading figures of the Red Army. Amongst all the protagonists of the terror he distinguished himself as the most fervent exponent of ‘scenes on a massive scale’. He took part in the pursuit and liquidation of the inhabitants of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in 1940 and in 1944-47.

Data exists as to his personal involvement in the murder of the Polish officers in Katyn. During the war Serov was one of the leaders of Smersh, and in August 1946 he personally took part in the execution of the command of the Russian Liberation Army under Lt.-General Vlasov. Subsequently he betrayed his leaders in Smersh and the NKGB, going over in time to the camp of the victorious groups. He deserted Abakumov’s group for that of Beria and betrayed him (as did General Ivashutin – the present GRU leader).

In 1953 he was deputy chief of the GRU and one of the conspirators against Beria. After the fall of Beria, Serov became Chairman of the KGB. Together with Ambassador Andropov he seized the leaders of the Hungarian revolution by deceit and took part in their torture and execution. In December 1958 Serov became chief of the GRU. As an ex-KGB and Smersh officer he had many enemies in the GRU. Under Serov’s leadership, corruption in GRU attained unbelievable proportions. In 1962 he was dismissed and quietly liquidated.”

What a vivid picture of Stalinist Gestapo, we’ve lived under! Serov was a typical Stalinist cadre of the oppressive apparatus of Soviet Socialism, the Soviet system couldn’t survive and exist without. Don’t be confused by the year 1954 and the first KGB Chairman. This apparatus was established by the Socialist Revolution in 1917 to fight capitalism, the apparatus had changed its name eight times to cover-up the crime committed during its entire existence… I am an eyewitness of this and a witness of the KGB crimes—the reason I use the name of the KGB …

Yuri Andropov—the Chairman of the KGB 1967-1982

This man played a crucial role in the life of the Soviet Union and… mankind. A Chairman of the KGB, started his career in 1956. My young readers, perhaps, have no idea of the significance the year 1956. Alas! It was the year when the Soviet tanks sunk in blood the Hungarian Revolution. Yuri Andropov was there as an Ambassador and a representative of the KGB in the Budapest Russian Embassy. Then, in 1956, Yuri Andropov have already been the globalist without borders, spreading Soviet Socialism globally. And this is perhaps the major difference between him and Ivan Serov, who was a simple executioner. A devoted disciple of Stalin, Andropov had thought globally from the top of incredible “prior achievements of the KGB.” He had brought the KGB to real sophistication, becoming a conduit between Stalin and Putin. At the Andropov time Putin was a student of law and consequently joint the KGB with the recommendation from the Communist Party.

Andropov’s personality was quite unusual for the Chairman of the KGB: he loved music, poetry, and often demonstrated his love. His appointment was a usual trick-deception of the Communist Party to change the image of the agency, but the reality illustrated the diabolic nature of the KGB by rivers of blood spread across the world in Andropov’s tenure. Under his watch and coordination there occurred the bloodiest terrorists’ attacks in the world, from the Munich murder of Israelis in the Olympic Village to the Johnstown tragedy in America, when nine hundred people had been poisoned and killed…

Andropov’s task was two-fold: to spread recruitment and infiltration globally, which he successfully achieved. Being a member of a law community for 25 years, I had the opportunity to discuss and watch his “successful achievements,” constantly communicating with lawyers, the rank-and-file members of the KGB. As a result, I defined Chapter 9 in 2007 as Evil Empire of Global Terrorism, What is Happening to America? Xlibris, 2012.

Andropov has changed drastically the protocol and scale of recruitment and infiltration. Though, the agenda of Socialism stays the same, the intensity of the KGB to prevent, disrupt, obstruct, and finally stop social mobility of capitalism has doubled if not quadrupled by sabotaging any achievements of capitalism, primarily American capitalism. Learning American behavior, the emphases was to recruit from a certain group of people: addicts of drugs and sex, people with Slavic names, Jewish women, siblings, bankrupts, and so on.

The main targets were American Intel and Security apparatus to paralyze their normal functioning. And of course, using legal and illegal immigration, an easy way to infiltrate and implant political operatives, and gangs into a targeted country. Like sleeping cells used by the Soviets during the revolution, Andropov’s cell consists of political operative, political agitator, and political organizer. The last two planned to be local citizens. It is not a coincidence that immigration is the most divided issue in the American politics today. Please, remember KGB’s main tools: lies, fraud, deceit, intimidation and psychological manipulations. …

Andropov planned to infiltrate and subordinate American social media, making it a dominant political force. He intended doing that by recruiting the journalist’s a-la Walter Durante, who was fooling and deceiving the West for several decades, helping Stalin to annihilate millions Russian souls. For this reason, Andropov was trying to plow into life an idea of equality and justice of Socialism, and implant the idea into traditional people’s consciousness, to cultivate new social mentality, and to low standards of morality. In the time the Eastern Europe has already been under Warsaw Pact and KGB’s primary targets England and France. Andropov’s target became the world and America to disrupt capitalism and create chaos. Andropov needed the social media, to act the way it was implemented in the Easter Europe by the Soviets—a coordinated effort of several institutions against the opposition.

Andropov became the KGB Chairman in 1967. It was a tragic time in America our boys and girls were dying in Vietnam. Besides that President Nixon came to White House–Andropov’s a personal enemy. (The story of their personal animosity deserves a separate column.) As a matter of fact, Andropov working in Europe in the 1950s had known the strength of human protests, he met them in Hungarian Revolt; it was very hard to extinguish people’s wrath. Based on his knowledge of Europe, Andropov began planning coordinated attacks on American soil and hurting American interests across the globe. Please, pay attention to Andropov’s opinion about Americans— “they are naïve, gullible, and crazy.”

Besides military help to Vietnam and extensive anti-war propaganda on American soil, under Andropov, a massive expansion of the Soviets took place in the Middle East and neighboring areas. Created, coordinated, and navigated by the KGB terrorist groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, and al-Shabbat began their destabilizing activities in the area against Israel. Look at the map of Andropov’s time and compare it with the events in Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Turkey today:

Remember that Uri Andropov is Putin’s “spiritual mentor!” they are “superior to the ordinary people” based on Stalin’s teachings. Consider the Soviets’ criminal intent, and the big picture of the Soviet mafia with all its tentacles and ideology would appear before you in America! Knowledge is the only SOLUTION for our survival. You can also see that venom of the KGB’s superiority is alive and well—from the first Chekist, Felix Dzerzhinsky to Yuri Andropov and Vladimir Putin. Just look at the Soviet henchmen around the world—they all were well-trained and inherited an audacity of arrogance and superiority in their behaviors from the Stalinist Chekists.

Andropov knew well Stalinist rule of “Divide and Conquer” to achieve a needed result, and he used and implemented them in all his plans. In America it was a visual and simple one—Black vs. White.  In my column a couple months ago, I asked you to find and read the document titled Message to the Black Movement, A Political Statement from the Black Underground, designed by the KGB to inflame the black underground in America. I wanted you to see for yourself the language of the KGB and origin of the notion of “White Oppressors” that affected several generations of Black America. It is for this reason I was constantly writing about WW III and Soviet Socialism, I named lately-Soviet Fascism to show you this war on American soil.

If you have any doubts in my identification of Soviet Fascism and WWIII, the first person to confirm the identity of both will be the Chairman of the KGB, Yuri Andropov. I will give you a conversation of two KGB Generals, Lt. General Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking KGB officer ever to defect to the U.S, with Yuri Andropov:

 “In 1972 the Kremlin decided to turn the whole Islamic world against Israel and the U.S. As KGB Chairman, Yuri Andropov told me a billion adversaries could inflict far greater damage on America that could a few millions. We needed to instill a Nazi-style hatred for Jews throughout the Islamic world, and to turn this weapon of the emotions into a terrorist bloodbath against Israel and its main supporter the United States. No one within the American/Zionist sphere of influence should any longer feel safe.  (“Russian Footprints,” by Ion Mihai Pacepa, National Review Online, August 24, 2008.)

General Pacepa wrote in the same article: “According to Andropov… the Muslims had a taste for nationalism, jingoism, and victimology. Their illiterate, oppressed mobs could be whipped up to a fever pitch. Terrorism and violence against Israel and her master, American Zionism, would flow naturally from the Muslims’ religious fervor, Andropov sermonized.” What can better confirm both of my terms Soviet Fascism and WWIII than those words? They summarized my entire writings. I remind you again that under Andropov the infiltration into Western civilization had tripled or quadruple. Under his watch occurred the bloodiest terrorists’ attacks in the world, from the Munich murder of Israelis in the Olympic Village to the Johnstown tragedy in America.

Don’t you think that Andropov’s words are racist with a fascist intent? I can tell you, Andropov just acknowledged the official Soviet policy that was running all minorities that way in the Soviet Union. You can tell me that there is no Soviet Union any longer. You are right. But the system of oppression has not changed: we are dealing with the Russian KGB Government, run by Putin today. Moreover, the agenda to destroy capitalism is alive and well as ever for hundred years after the Socialist Revolution. Allen West counted seventy Socialists in our Congress. I know more KGB agents in our government, predominantly Democrats and WW III begun hundred years ago against capitalism is going on. Just watch how Socialist Leadership of the Democrat Party is fighting capitalism in the 21st century…

Allow me now to go to a new spiral in WWIII and its roots. This war took a different form and scale in 2016-2018—the deadly war against President Trump. And again we are talking about the Democrats a “criminal cabal,” as Judge Jeannine called it. The Democrats have an audacity to call Trump a racist—their incompetence is staggering—they know nothing about Yuri Andropov! Now there is rumors that Trump had a connection with the agent from Kremlin. It is possible that this agent is Barack Obama, who I had been writing about his Russian connection for the last nine years. Please read Socialist Lies: from Stalin to the Clintons, Obamas, and Sanders, Xlibris, 2016.

I have also heard the question: “is this FBI or KGB?” asked by a member of the Congress, after he had read documents from the FBI. I can answer this question too—It IS the KGB, I have been writing and warning you for the last twenty-five years… The recent unmasking of over two hundred Americans for many people was an unusual and strange event. It’s absolutely clear to me: the major objectives of the KGB is the INFORMATION, in this case information about Americans to learn the approach to recruit them… This is another evidence of the Russian connection and Barack Obama…

Washington D.C. is currently boiling with the extraordinary new information about the FBI and the Democrat Party, which I called the party of Soviet fascism. The major task is the correct interpretation of the exposed information. It is not the FBI acting like the KGB. The crux of the matter is that—the KGB is running the war against Donald J. Trump within the FBI facilities by the FBI’s staff. Like Dossier on Trump, Putin’s KGB is freely acting on American soil. Plus watch the leadership of Democrats and especially Trojan Horse-Sanders. To get it right, you have to know the roots-history of the KGB, its nature and agenda described in my books and columns…

The Post

Several days ago, I saw the movie The Post—a well done wonderful thriller, reflecting political events in the 1970s.   At the end of the movie the Left audience clapped. Why not? After all it was Spielberg, Hanks and Streep overcoming attempted presidential censorship of the press and the Streep character standing up to men. Everything in the movie proceeding smoothly, like it had been managed behind the scene by a magic wand and we do not know this mysterious outside force.    It was anti-war, anti-Vietnam, anti-men and a kick at Nixon of the Watergate scandal. We are “left” with the impression that The Washington Post and the New York Times dig deep, that presidents always lie and try to censor the press, which is really just trying to uncover the truth. We are to take that emotionally charged picture and apply it to today’s events.

But what if we dig deeper. What if the audience is being emotionally manipulated. Hanks and Streep apply their tricks of the trade, with Streep way over the top. If we look deeper at the “true” story, why would the Streep character’s husband commit suicide if he loved the paper, fit perfectly in his job and apparently had a happy loving family? What if his death wasn’t suicide? Who would benefit from his death to be the head of a newspaper, which could shape public opinion? I believe Mrs. Graham and through her Andropov’s agency would be a beneficiary…

Is the audience of this movie not being manipulated to compare the events then with the current political scene? That we are currently engaged in another unwinnable war in Afghanistan, that the current President is trying to muzzle The Post, New York Times (and CNN) from telling the “truth”?;  a position already held by the majority of the Left minded audience. No wonder they clapped, no wonder this movie will be a big hit and might spark further action from the Left to pressure for impeachment. The country is indeed divided like never before.

I was sitting on tension the whole movie, intrigued by the smooth occurrence of the events. Yet, only awareness and knowledge can interpret the movie and the current events in Washington D.C.–an abuse of power of the FBI and the FISA Court. But returning to movie, I have read another live-story of the Post’s owner Katherine Graham. People close to her had suspected that she killed her husband, when he wanted to divide their assets and leave her for another woman.  She definitely did not want to lose The Post.

The real history of her live is quite interesting. Eugene Meyer, her Father handed over the newspaper to his son-in-law. Her Father gave the Post to Philip Graham, her husband rather than her in 1959. There are should be the reasons for such a strange decision: Katharine was quite an educated woman, working within the Post for many years. Please, look at her words said in 1970: “The thing women must do to rise to power is to redefine their femininity. Once, power was considered a masculine attribute. In fact, power has no sex.” Katharine Graham.

No doubts, she had a strong character. Maybe her Father had also suspected something? By the way, all suspicions of the people, pertaining to her murder of the husband, have never been refute or rebutted by the family.

The people who watched the movie and clapped did not know Katharine Graham’s real live, they also haven’t read my books; information of them was suppressed by the FBI. Moreover, the editors of both The Post and the New York Times had admitted in the movie that they did know the real source of the information they both had printed. For me, knowing a deep infiltration of the KGB into all strata of American society and the Democrat Party, it was clear that the entire story in the movie was created and run by the KGB in 1971, like they run Trump’s Dossier in 2016.

I recommend the people after reading this column to go and see the movie The Post and then find the real information about Katharine Graham. I took information about her from Wikipedia and The True Story of The Bilderberg Group by Daniel Estulin. I believe the author and his research, he is from Russia and knows the subject. For me the movie was the First Act of the spectacle performed by the KGB in1971, dethroning President Nixon. We are witnessing today the Second Act of the same spectacle by the KGB trying to dethrone American President in 2018.

Yet, the truth has its magic way to come to surface and sometimes with the touch of irony. Katherine Graham had allowed publication of the information beneficiary to the Andropov KGB in 1971. Today, our Congress debates a publication of the FBI material, exposing the activities of the FBI, the Democrats, and the Putin KGB. We will know the traitors of the 21st century. But nothing can be compared with the “golden goose” that Andropov got in 1960. It could’ve been an accidental occurrence, but Andropov and his “golden goose” had changed the world and not to the better…  Stay tune!

To be continued at www.simonapipko1.com.

P.S. Timing is helping me to educate all Americans. When I completed the column, our government had already been shutdown by the Democrat’s using Andropov’s promised plan to disrupt, obstruct, and use “potential momentum” to stopped social mobility of capitalism. They are pretending to fight for DACA. They lie—this is a typical KGB play book, maneuver for the Democrat to survive, knowing about upcoming classified material, a document showing criminal intent committed by the FBI and Obama’s administration. The question, of whether it is the FBI or old KGB? Will be answered by me: It is Putin’s KGB on American soil. We are witnessing, as I predicted, another Watergate—this time, a quadruple and international one. This kind of doings will continue until the Democrat Party is exposed for what it really is…

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