VIDEO: President Trump’s State of the Union — An Extraordinary New Optimism, a Clear and Righteous Vision

Having been inured to the dull drone of Obama’s depressing, scornful State of the Union addresses, we were given the breath of life by President Trump’s extraordinary uplifting speech tonight. It was exhilarating. His accomplishments in the past year are unprecedented, historic and yet he did not gloat. He was generous, magnanimous. He spoke to one America, of one America. He exhibited something we never get from D.C. –  sincerity.

I am grateful to Barack Obama for one thing, Without his disastrous presidency, Trump would not have been elected. And his is doing things, no other Republican candidate for presidency would or could have done.

Trump spoke of a pathway to citizenship for one and half million young immigrants (“dreamers). I suspect the Democrats soiled themselves, sick with worry that President Trump would remove the one club that  they relish wielding against the GOP. Despite the olive branch, the Democrat party of hate wasn’t having it. There weren’t having any of it.

The Democrats had a very bad night. My live observations (transcript here):

Mr. Trump wrapped up remarks around 10:30 p.m., lingering on the House floor for several minutes to shake hands and hear from lawmakers.

Mr. Trump gave a relatively sober speech that in some ways extended an olive branch to Democrats while simultaneously doubling-down on many of the hardline themes that propelled him to the presidency.

The themes were optimistic and heavy on patriotism and upbeat news about the economy.

On policy the major issues were detention policy, infrastructure and immigration:

  •  On immigration, Mr. Trump offered what he calls a compromise that trades a pathway to citizenship for nearly two million illegal immigrants in exchange for wide-ranging changes to the nation’s immigration system.
  • On infrastructure, Mr. Trump called for a $1.5 trillion for infrastructure but left to Congress the details.
  • On Guantanamo, Mr. Trump reversing his predecessor’s vow to close Guantanamo Bay prison facility for suspected terrorists.


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