VIDEO: Watch the ad the NFL doesn’t want you to see. Tell the NFL that You Stand With Vets!

This is the ad the NFL doesn’t want you to see!

For the last two seasons, the National Football League has lost its way. Not only have football games become a platform for the left’s protests, but the NFL is now poised to funnel millions of dollars to liberal activists. Because of the controversial and disrespectful national anthem protests, viewer ratings dropped 10% over the course of the 2017 season and the NFL earned the distinction of becoming America’s most unpopular sports league.

Instead of putting an end to the kneeling, the NFL institutionalized the protests as part of pregame ceremonies and pledged to donate $90 million to “social causes” as directed by the players, including 501(c)(4) organizations that can engage in political activity. This is especially concerning because the NFL Players Association has a history of supporting so-called “resistance” organizations tied to liberal billionaire, George Soros.

Yet, the NFL deemed an ad from American Veterans (AMVETS) “too political” for the official Super Bowl program because it simply asked fans and players to #PleaseStand for the national anthem.

At 2ndVote, we #STANDwithVets and we ask you to join us.

Telling the NFL that we want football, not left-wing activism.

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  1. Esther Rachwal
    Esther Rachwal says:

    I stand with the Vets and every American who lives here and enjoys our freedom
    and our heritage of having forefathers that fought with their lives and fortune in order
    that we might enjoy this freedom, should be honored to salute our flag and cherish it.
    Shame on those who reap all the benefits of our freedom. If the NFL players do not
    appreciate this country and our freedoms, maybe they ought to move to the country of
    their choice. We won’t miss them.


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