How Democrats Used the FBI to Spy on Two Men accused of Russian Collusion: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Donald J. Trump

George Santayana wrote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

With the ongoing revelations that Americans were the targets of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) surveillance during the 2016 presidential primary process and after the presidential election, this quote deserves to be repeated. Why? Because this is the second case of an administration run by a President from the Democratic Party that has done this.

The first example happened 63 years ago when the FBI spied on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. At that time the President was John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert was the Attorney General.

According to the Stanford University website:

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) began monitoring Martin Luther King, Jr., in December 1955, during his involvement with the Montgomery bus boycott, and engaged in covert operations against him throughout the 1960s. FBI director J. Edgar Hoover was personally hostile toward King, believing that the civil rights leader was influenced by Communists. This animosity increased after April 1964, when King called the FBI ‘‘completely ineffectual in resolving the continued mayhem and brutality inflicted upon the Negro in the deep South’’ (King, 23 April 1964). Under the FBI’s domestic counterintelligence program (COINTELPRO) King was subjected to various kinds of FBI surveillance that produced alleged evidence of extramarital affairs, though no evidence of Communist influence. [Emphasis added]

Fast forward to today. There are numerous reports of animosity and open hostility toward President Donald J. Trump by senior members of the FBI during the administration of former President Barack Obama. These senior members to date include: former FBI Director James Comey, former Chief of the Counterespionage Section Peter P. Strzok II, Strzok’s mistress former FBI senior council Lisa Page, former Deputy Associate Attorney General Bruce Ohr and former Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe.

The FBI spying on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Donald J. Trump, both Republicans and both critical of the FBI, was done for “political” reasons. Both cases involved “suspicion” of Russian collusion.

History has vindicated Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr of any Russian collusion. The investigation against President Trump is ongoing.

The Permanent House Committee on Intelligence is conducting an ongoing investigation into the possible misuse and abuse of FISA warrants and the secret FISA court system. According to

Despite attempts by Democrats to almost immediately declare the House Intelligence Committee memo on possible abuse by the FBI and DOJ the work of Republicans who just wanted “to demolish the separation between politics and the fair administration of justice,” Rep. Trey Gowdy (primary author of the memo) has indicated the agency is not in the crosshairs — but roughly five agents definitely are.

The Permanent House Committee on Intelligence voted unanimously to release a second memo written by Rep. Adam Bennett Schiff (D-CA District 28) the committee’s minority chairman. This second memo, like the first, is going through the process of being reviewed to insure no intelligence procedures and sources are reveled. President Trump has five days to review and release it. There are already expectations that a third memo is being prepared for release.

The more memos released the more Americans will learn about how Americans can be swept up into a system of domestic spying, legally and illegally.

It is important that once this episode is over that we do not repeat it, ever again.


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  1. Jennifer Smith
    Jennifer Smith says:

    As a former life-long Democrat, spending 29 years as a Navy Spouse, was nevervtreated badly for espousing my liberal or feminist ideals. In the early 1990’s, I spoke out about the treatment if conservative women by the left. Then I began to find out that not stepping in line with the Left’s dogma, and you would fall victim to their viscous attacks. I now vote as an Independent and think for myself. I’m an outspoken advocate for free-speech. When Comey remarked on liars and scoundrels not having streets named after them, my first thought was, “Well, I can think of one who has a building named after him—J. Edgar Hoover.” Thanks for the great article

  2. ExonHost
    ExonHost says:

    ” If you thought the FISA abuse memo would be the sole report on FBI and Justice Department corruption, House Intelligence chairman Devin Nunes may have a surprise. According to Axios, the Committee could publish up to five more reports outlining “politically motivated “wrongdoing” across various agencies, including the FBI, the broader Justice Department, and the State Department. ” The Washington Examiner’s Byron York concluded his recent article summarizing the memo’s key FISA abuses by warning a new showdown between Republicans and Democrats could resurface when additional information is released. Translation: the FISA memo could be the first of many memos exposing corruption at both the FBI and Justice Department. York writes: Quote : Finally, the memo released today does not represent the sum total of what House investigators have learned in their review of the FBI and Justice Department Trump-Russia investigation. That means the fight over the memo could be replayed in the future when the Intelligence Committee decides to release more information.


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