Florida Congressman Brian Mast (R) Reneges on His Conservative Promises

When Congressman Brian Mast won the hearts of the conservative base with his promises and words of wisdom to protect and defend the Constitution of the United State’s – we now have his voting record to review to see if he is fulfilling his promises.

Our nation was born from resisting  an oppressive nation England, that tried to disarm us – and the result of the Revolutionary War was a defeated England and a free nation the United States.

The weapons of choice used by the Patriots that gave us freedom were not the AR-15 but for the times It was certainly an equivalent.

Out of this war our nation gained freedom by  people with godly character, and thus the US Constitution was written by people who had character for people who had character.

Congressman Brian Mast has stated for the record that he supports banning the AR-15.  This is a statement that goes against the very foundation of his political platform that got him elected into office.   It goes against the very thing our Founding Fathers risked everything for.

I would respect him more if he stated his gun control principles before the election so his base could make a reasonable and educated decision  at the polls when casting their vote.

The issue with Brian Mast is not whether you support banning or not banning the AR-15.  The issue is a matter of character and honesty.  He ran on a platform that he is now voting against.

Whether he succumbed to political pressure from his pal Al Hoffman Jr. or whether his liberal colors are now revealed we don’t care.  Brian Mast has turned out to be fraud who should resign and let someone else replace him that can actually follow the U.S. Constitution.

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