An Open Letter to the Republican Party by a Former Soviet Defense Attorney

The November 2018 election will be critical in deciding the future course of the American Republic. The Republican Party has a Golden opportunity to expose the DNC for what it really is by investigating the Obama/Putin Alliance, researched in my books, and the dreadful consequences of it that America faces in 2018.

All troubles we are witnessing today came to us as a result of the Obama/Putin Alliance systematic distraction and destruction of the country:

  1. Robert Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russian trolls is the tip of the iceberg: thousands of the KGB’s political operatives entered American soil due to the Obama/Putin Alliance to interfere and disrupt all strata of our society. We are dealing today with the “ Axis of Evil, coordinated by Russia.
  2. The growing national debates on guns is part of the Obama/Putin Alliance, yet no one has connected the horrifying issue of attacking our children to the Axis of Evil, run by the Russian KGB Government.
  3. We are at war, an asymmetrical war with multiple fronts, and a variety of different shapes, forms, methods, and tricks waged against the American Republic by the Russian Intelligence—Putin plays a global chess-game. To solve our problems and win that war awareness of the enemy is crucial and knowledge of the KGB is imperative. See
  4. All problems of the FBI and our Intel are derived from the lack of authentic knowledge of our foremost enemy—the Russian KGB Government. The Obama/Putin Alliance has achieved a definite “success” by paralyzing our Law Enforcement and Intel, politicizing both, as a way of transforming our American capitalist economy to a socialist one, openly implemented by Obama. See my columns at
  5. Socialist/Communist ideology failed in the 20th century; people now know that it is not working. The Russian KGB Government is changing their tune, fooling and deceiving you by inventing Crony Capitalism. In fact, Russia imitating the German regime of 1933 and establishing the political ideology of Soviet Fascism in Russia and spreading it across the world…
  6. While watching the so-called Steele Trump/Dossier document on TV, it did not take me even ten seconds to realize that it was Russian “fallshivka” –a fraud in front of me. Everything in the Dossier exposed the KGB’s imprint: an arrogant manner of presentation, method and character with an aggressive and salacious tone to denigrate President Trump, the Republican Party, and to influence American opinion. It was a vivid picture of the incredible dirt on Trump, a typical Stalin legacy of demonizing and attacking the opposition leader, used by the KGB, while implementing the ideology of Soviet Fascism around the globe. See my definitions of Soviet Fascism on p. 159, What is Happening to America? The Hidden Truth of Global Destruction, Xlibris, 2012
  7. The main KGB’s modus operandi in implementing the ideology of Soviet fascism is a very primitive one, to blame the opposition for the crime they themselves committed. It is the pot calling the kettle black. Just watch the latest example of how the Deep State of the Alliance is accusing the NRA in the Valentine shooting in Florida. It is a typical style of the KGB, (currently FSB).

For the last twenty-five years I have been warning America about Soviet Fascism in all my books and numerous articles. But politicized Intel and the FBI are suppressing information about my writings—the Obama/Putin Alliance doesn’t want the world to know the Truth.

Today, the Alliance is fabricating the case against Trump to cover-up the treason committed by the Democrats in cahoots with the Russian KGB Government.


Simona Pipko
A former Soviet Attorney
February 28, 2018

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  1. beth colvin
    beth colvin says:

    There is nothing new here IF you’ve been reading the op eds published by Dr. Rich Swier for years now as written by Simona Pipko. Her books are available at and she is a national Patriot and Treasure. Thank you for sharing your insights Simona. The Sarasota Patriots have benefitted greatly from your presentations.Help Simona get this information out by sharing it to your entire contact list. Thank you!


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