The KGB: A Global Terrorist Agency

America faces an existential threat from the “Axis of Evil” run by Russia. While the social media is boiling in destructive activities against Trump and his children in Washington D.C., f rom his podium in Moscow, Putin announced on March 1, 2018 that Russia has developed an “unstoppable” nuclear cruise missile that can hit any target on the globe — and cannot be stopped by any missile interception system currently in use. He also showed a simulation of a Nuke Attack on Florida, saying: “Russia remained a nuclear power, but no one wanted to listen to us. Listen to us now.”

Putin’s speech reminded me of the speeches of two other leaders: Hitler’s in 1945 and Andropov’s in 1982. Both had threatened the world with a new nuclear force and both were aimed at domestic consumption. Putin’s talk about a new Cold War reminded me also of the time of the Warsaw Military Pact in Eastern Europe under the complete Russian dominance, after WW II. Today, it is a dreadful repetition of history—Putin playing a geopolitical chess-game. To interpret this game correctly the awareness of his “Axis of Evil” and knowledge of the Russian Intelligence which is running it, is imperative.

I have been writing about an ongoing WW III waged by the KGB against Western civilization and its capitalist economic system for the last thirty years. Due to our erroneous foreign policy, the United States is in fact already in the middle of the war — even if it’s only just starting to realize it. Better late than never. We had given TIME to the Russian Intel to establish and complete the “Axis of Evil,” which today in 2018 consists of North Korea, China, Iran, Syria, Venezuela,

Turkey, and Islamic terror groups including Palestinians. All of them are run and coordinated by Russia.

I began writing about Russia and its Intelligence agency the KGB, as soon as my English allowed me, approximately thirty year ago. Today this agency’s name is the FSB, yet I continue writing and calling it the KGB for many reasons; the main one is that at the time I was a Soviet defense attorney the agency name was the

KGB. Under eight different names the Russian Intel was practicing the same most nefarious, brutal, and unspeakable modus operandi, sponsoring its satellites with arms, weaponry, nuclear, chemical and biological WMD. Be ready for a new technology provided by Russia to the “Axis of Evil” today …

Raoul Wallenberg and His Murderers

Passport photograph of Raoul Wallenberg. Sweden, June 1944. — US Holocaust Memorial Museum

I believe that history is the Mother of all sciences. Awareness of the past can prevent a lot of troubles in the present and solve many problems in the future. So from the past, do you know the name of Raoul Wallenberg? Don’t be ashamed if you don’t; none of my students in the New York University had known the man.  To know the Russian Intel, I have to go to history to show you the major role of the Soviet military intelligence in WWII, and the illegal methods implemented by them.

So, have you ever heard the name Raoul Wallenberg? He was a real hero during WWII—he had saved thousands of Jews and people of other religions from the Nazis in Hungary. A famous Swede, he had been working under the noses of Nazis in the Swedish Embassy in Budapest and other cities helping Jewish people to escape. His activities cannot be called anything other than heroic. The entire world was grateful to him for his courage and bravery. However, as soon as the Soviet Army entered Budapest in 1944, Raoul Wallenberg disappeared from the face of the earth! He was kidnapped by the Soviet intelligence. For many years nobody knew his fate.

Immigrating to the U.S. in 1981, by chance I came upon material explaining at last where and how Raoul Wallenberg died. And this is another story connecting us again with the Soviet Intelligence. In 1946, the man named Victor Abakumov was appointed head of the Ministry for State Security—the MGB, a precursor of the

KGB. “Abakumov was a notoriously brutal Chekist who tortured people with his own hands.” PWHCE. He had worked under the general supervision of Beria.

After Stalin’s death in March 1953, Beria was overthrown; Abakumov was charged and tried for his role in the case known as the Leningrad Affair and executed in December 1954.

I have read a protocol of his interrogation and there he mentioned Raoul Wallenberg. Abakumov alleged that Raoul Wallenberg died of a heart attack in A small footnote stressed by Abakumov: The NKVD, MGB, and KGB had perfected the injections, which were provoking heart attacks. I had known about KGB’s secret laboratory before. What I did not know was that the secret laboratory had the ability to develop different substances, which when injected were bringing desirable results for the KGB. In the case of Raoul Wallenberg it was a heart attack—the KGB had murdered Raoul Wallenberg by their usual criminal way…

This story illustrates the ugly face of Russia today, run by the heirs of the Checka and KGB, the contemporary FSB.

I have another point as well. Telling you the story of Raoul Wallenberg, I thought that he was the first victim of modern kidnapping. I was wrong. Reading Mao: The Unknown Story, I found that the son of Chiang-Kai-shek was kidnapped by the Soviets a decade earlier and lived in the Soviet Union. Maybe that was the reason Chiang-Kai-shek could not break up with the Soviets and lost his country to the Communists in the end.

To illustrate modern kidnapping, I will give you another horrific event. The Italian Prime Minister Aldo Morro was kidnapped by the Italian Red Brigades and later he was assassinated. The Red Brigades had been the military force of the Italian Communist Party. For your information 20 percent of the Italian police were Communists in the 1970s. I hope the issue of modern kidnapping, killing, and their origin is clear to you. Those practices and others show you the nature and essence of Russian Intelligence.

A Human Hand, Intent, and the Ideology of Soviet Fascism

I hope those examples have opened your eyes and allowed me to bring you to the present series of shootings in our country. As you know, I came from a socialist country—the entire population of the Soviet Union had been disarmed, let alone guns, even a hunting knife was forbidden. As a former defense attorney, I can testify to the following: that law forbidding weapons did not stop crimes like murders and serious injuries–bad people continued using guns, knives, basketball bits, and …iron pans, like my client, who killed her husband by an iron pan. See pp. 226-230 Baltic Winds: Testimony of the Soviet Attorney, Xlibris, 2002

Those listed above- guns, knives, basketball bits, and iron pans- are inanimate objects, they can’t move, they don’t have will or intent. It is a human hand that moves them according to the individual’s will, and his or her motivation. The growing national debates on guns and mental illness have a very painful history. I started writing about both many years ago, in September 2002, and describing Soviet fascism as the aggressor, I gave a then current example at the time:

“The attempt to assassinate Pope John Paul II by using surrogate Bulgarians and a mentally sick Turkish man remind me of another Stalin technique or device: using mentally ill and unstable individuals in assassinations. Hasn’t history repeated itself not only in Russia, but on our soil as well? Do you remember killings in Los Angeles, Washington DC, and other places committed by mentally ill people?

Isn’t it a strange coincidence again? No, the tragedy of our lives is unawareness.

We are at war, in WWIII for many decades now. We have been systematically targeted on different fronts and locations. Alas, my beloved America has not recognized it yet, the prior knowledge of Stalinism is lacking in American society… Yet, I can’t afford to stop unmasking Soviet Fascism—it is time to do or die. “The Russian Factor: From Cold War to Global Terrorism, by S. Pipko, Xliris, p. 220

Do you also remember Stalin’s list of leaders to be assassinated? For your information, dozens of foreign and domestic leaders have been assassinated by the order of the KGB’s Chairman Yuri Andropov. In my books and columns, I gave you a detailed description of Chairman Andropov. President Putin is the student of Chairman Yuri Andropov. I hope that the Free World will finally seriously approach the study of Soviet Fascism and its leaders to stop the agony in the world. Just look at the ugly ongoing war against the leaders of Western civilization, the Trump and Netanyahu families—it is Soviet fascism in action, fighting for survival. Obama and Putin mortally hate Trump and Netanyahu. Putin never helped Trump to win, it is Leftist propaganda Soviet style, to cover-up the treason committed by them.

 The KGB in America

Today, in 2018 the agony of the world is still going on and it came to America by the Obama/Putin Alliance during Obama’s presidency. The debate on guns and mental illness is a part of the Obama/Putin Alliance, yet no one has connected the horrifying issue of attacking our children to the Axis of Evil, run by the Russian KGB Government. I would. The injection that murdered Raoul Wallenberg can be repeated with different substances desired by the KGB shooting in an ampule by a soundless gun. In this case it is the substance to worsen, aggravate, and exacerbate the psychological state of the killers in Columbine, Sandy Hooks, and many other places… Russian Intel, especially the KGB is a syndicate of professional snipers, killers, and murderers. Why the Democrats are pushing for gun-control, is because they are socialists aimed at disarming Americans, like Stalin, Andropov, and Putin did in Russia and Hitler in Germany—the reason I am writing about Soviet fascism today…

Our Government didn’t act on 45 tips, red flag warnings to prevent the tragedy of Valentine Day in Florida. You now know that the KGB works much better in our space of Facebook, Twitter, and using any opportunities to kill, harm, undermine, and destroy the system of the American Republic left to us by our Founding Fathers.

The gun control debate was a central focus of CPAC this year. I completely agree with Judge Pirro and her emotional speech there: “I own guns because it’s my right,” she explained. “And you’re not going to take it away. It is a natural right confirmed by the very people who founded this nation.” She gave the naked truth to the audience and the audience reacted accordingly with real enthusiasm.

The rally against Trump in New York City was organized by the KGB and the circumstances are helping the KGB to do its dirty dealings in America. Our DOJ and FBI are politicized and paralyzed. The Attorney General is surrounded by

Obama’s holdovers in the DOJ, who are keeping him in dark to undermine the Trump administration, and give more time to the KGB to organize and facilitate another 9/11, In addition to that, the AG is a man with no clue of the war waged against us by the Russian Intel in cahoots with some Democrats and 184 Leftist organizations subsidized by George Soros and other traitors in America. Those exact combined forces are fighting Trump today and I am afraid that Russia is running this plot as well—this is Soviet fascism in action on our soil.

The Anti-Trump crowd is well organized and run by the Deep State (Obama/Putin Alliance.) Do you remember the election campaign of 2016? There were several Trump rallies troubled by violent forces of the Democrat Party, one rally was even cancelled to prevent the violence. Moreover, the Democrats paid $150 to every thug participating in the violence. Here is the evidence of how it happened:

“Two top Democratic strategists exited the presidential campaign after explosive undercover videos showed them discussing voter fraud and their roles in planting paid agitators at campaign events for Republican candidate Donald Trump. Robert Creamer, founder of Democracy Advocates and the husband of Rep. Janice D. Schakowsky, Illinois Democrat, stepped down from the campaign Tuesday, a day after Scott Foval was fired from his post as national field director of Americans United for Change. Democratic heads roll after the video shows agitators planted at Trump rallies. Democratic heads roll after video shows agitators planted at Trump rallies, By Valerie Richardson – The Washington Times – Tuesday, October 18, 2016.

That was two years ago, an application of force to achieve a political result—a typical element of the ideology of Soviet fascism. Considering the Obama/Putin Alliance, which I have been writing about for the last nine years, I think that the appointment of Special Counsel, Robert Muller was a continuation of the same policy of obstruction, directed against the Trump administration and Republicans. Moreover, behind all of that, I see the deep conspiracy organized by the KGB in the very beginning:

“I think we now know that the Mueller investigation is illegitimate and corrupt,”

Fox legal analyst Gregg Jarrett said on Sean Hannity’s self-titled show. Jarrett continued:

“Mueller has been using the FBI as a political weapon, and the FBI has become America’s secret police: secret surveillance, wire-tapping, intimidation, harassment, and threats — it’s like the old KGB that comes for you in the dark of the night, banging through your door. Ask Paul Manafort. They came for him and broke through his front door.”

It was only one man, Gregg Jarrett, who recalled the methods of the old KGB. Perhaps, he read my books or columns—I am comparing the Democrats’ and Leftists’ methods of operations with the KGB’s pretty often. Today, I see all elements of Soviet fascism aimed at destroying President Trump by the things that had never happened.

Mysterious Deaths by Suicides or the Soviet Medicine

The KGB has a variety of methods and tricks to harm, injure, or kill people.

Mysterious deaths by suicide is one of the events in the arsenal of methods practiced by the evil-KGB. I have already given you an example about this mystery talking about Raoul Wallenberg killed by the “Soviet Medicine” in my book What is Happening to America? pp. 115-117.

I believe that many Republican leaders were killed later by using the same “Soviet medicine.” I believe that Sonny Bono was assassinated—he used to bring a lot of money to the coffers of the Republican Party. Therefore pay attention to snipers; they can use soundless guns with ampules of the “Soviet medicine.” If it is a heart attack, nobody is looking further… I also suspect that Rev. Jerry Falwell was assassinated as well. He was a determined leader of the Conservative movement, the Moral Majority, bringing victory to the Republican Party and Ronald Reagan. The FBI either didn’t know where to look for the criminals, or did not want to look there.

The FBI is also uninformed in terms of the vindictive methods of the KGB targeting the leaders of the opposition. A Jewish spy “Angel” was thrown over a balcony in the center of London. He helped Israel in the 1973 war, providing crucial information. Just apply logic and you will know who the “Angel’s’ enemies are. I have another suspicion as well. The catastrophe of the Space Shuttle in 2003 was not accidental. A member of the team, Ilan Ramon, from Israel was researching the way to change the climate—the subject of the Soviet’s monopoly. Read how the Russians tried to change the climate and about Pluton in The Russian Factor​, Xlibris, 2006 pp. 306-308. For decades the FBI failed to expose Soviet Fascism.

Returning to our days, I’d like to recall Justice Antonin Scalia. He was an exceptional human being. The Jurist who paved the direction to our Supreme Court. The circumstances of his death are very suspicious and there was no investigation with knowledge of the “Soviet medicine.” I know that Putin applies his knowledge of chess to geopolitics and he can see 3-4 steps ahead. Maybe the Obama/Putin Alliance knows more about Antonin Scalia’s death? Look at the number of threats to assassinate President Trump! It is prelude to action! I hope that the information I gave you today will help you to interpret correctly the events going on in America and across the globe.

Conclusion: Knowledge is Power

For nine years I have been writing about the Obama/Putin Alliance and in all those years information about my writings has been suppressed by the FBI, which was collaborated and subordinated to the Alliance. The Dossier on Trump was cooked and manufactured by The KGB, I am sure of it. So, my conclusion is the following: there are two types of people committing betrayals in America: those who do not like the system established by our Founding Fathers– they are currently collaborating with the KGB to destroy America, and those politicians who haven’t a clue about the KGB, hence becoming their accomplices.

Trump alone is showing a multi-faceted resistance to that war waged by the Democrats of Obama/Putin Alliance. He does not have a lot of help to him from other Republicans. Perhaps, they never read my books and columns, suppressed by the FBI. Yes, America faces an existential threat from the “Axis of Evil” run by

Russia. Vladimir Putin will be the Russian President for another six years. We should be ready for another attack a-la 9/11. I believe it is now in the process of being developed at the beneficial and appropriate time for the KGB, while the social media, Democrats, Leftists, and traitors are boiling in destructive activities against the Trump and Netanyahu families… Just look around…

You can doubt what I have written, but it is probable, because Obama/Putin Alliance is not the first collaboration with the KGB. The Democrats have been selling our national security for decades. Barack Obama is looking for global foundation now to offer himself. Stay tune and read my columns and books:

Giving you the portraits and descriptions of the two Chairmen of the KGB in my column of January 26, 2018, I had promised to expose Andropov’s “Golden Goose.” Sorry, I’ll do it in the next column. Today is an important day in the history of the world: sixty five years ago, on March 5, 1953 died, the founder of Soviet fascism—Joseph Stalin. To successfully fight the war he had started, awareness of Stalin’s Doctrine is imperative. The Doctrine of One World Government under the Kremlin Rule is alive and well. It is the foundation of an ongoing war against Western civilization today…

I’d like to complete my column with a poem by my friend. He is now a mature man, yet when he was 15 he read and understood the importance of Ayn Rand’s brilliant novels. Here is his poem The One-Sided War:

One-Sided War

There’s a war going on
And it’s not science fiction
It’s controlled from Moscow
To purposely cause friction

By murder, seduction
Fraud and infiltration
By blaming, destruction
Political correctness and agitation

Don’t believe their socialist lies
They’re being spread by Russian spies
And the Democrat party is not your friend
Wake up America, before it’s the end

Life and liberty
Are worth fighting for
Don’t let Putin win
This one-sided war

Remember your values
What once made us great
You’ve been duped into thinking
It’s Trump you should hate

But he’s the one man
Who can stand up to Putin
So give him your backing
Before there’s more shootin’

To be continue at

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