Gun Control Rallies: How Today’s students have been Brainwashed to prepare for this moment their whole lives

How Today’s students have been Brainwashed to prepare for this moment their whole lives

Cataluna March 9, 2018: …In some ways, today’s students have been preparing for this moment their whole lives. Their educational experiences have been shaped by concepts like collaborative work, project-based learning, real-world scenarios, finding innovative solutions, and the underlying mantra that they can save the world.

In lower elementary, perhaps they’re taken out to a weedy, forgotten corner of campus and asked to imagine a verdant garden thriving in that very spot. And then maybe they’re given tools and seeds and time in their day to make that garden happen.

In middle school they might break into groups and build little cars that run on solar panels or draw designs for water filtration systems to solve the drinking water crisis in faraway countries.

In high school they write position papers on current political issues and practice debating both sides of an argument. They’re encouraged to form their own club if what they’re interested in isn’t represented on campus. They organize food drives for the hungry, slipper drives for the homeless, projects that have impact beyond their campus.

So much of what used to be taught in school was facts and formulas — information that is now easily searchable on a smartphone. New models of teaching encourage students to use this readily available information to come up with new ways of seeing the world, new solutions to old problems.

On Wednesday students in schools around the state will join with students across the country in a peaceful demonstration, a 17-minute walkout to remember the 17 people killed in the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last month….

Star-Adv: Advance stricter gun-control bills

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DoE Teams with Democrat Women’s March to Push Anti-Gun Rallies At Least 20 Schools

HTH March 11, 2018: …The protest is championed under the Women’s March Youth EMPOWER organization. (In partnership with TEENVogue Magazine.)  It’s slated to begin at 10 a.m. across all time zones and last 17 minutes, to honor the 17 people who died in the massacre. Youth EMPOWER said it hopes the movement encourages Congress to pass stricter gun legislation…. 

Hawaii’s Department of Education … advised schools in a letter last week to create a designated “walkout area” for students wanting to participate….

Agpaoa said he decided to organize a walkout at Keaau “because no one else was.” He’s asking Keaau students to congregate along a fence facing the highway and wave signs. He said the plan has been approved by Keaau administration and he’s hoping at least 500 Keaau students — or at least half the student body — will participate….

In the Honokaa-Kealakehe-Kohala-Konawaena Complex Area, schools were advised to draft their own plan according to how they think is best, according to Superintendent Art Souza.

“Some schools might just attach 17 minutes to an existing recess period and others might decide they want a particular space and time,” Souza said….

Hilo High School is allowing students to gather on the campus patio during the designated walkout time and read aloud any comments they have about school safety or gun violence.

Waiakea High School will be passing out paper butterflies to students and encouraging them to write out their “goal” on how to make others feel included…

Participating Hawaii Academy of Arts and Science students will wear a common color and also walk out to a designated space, assistant school director Terri York said. York said the goal at HAAS is “to support students who want to participate”…

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Hawaii Media Hype High School Gun Protests Statewide

March 3, 2018: Hawaii DoE Organizing Students to Walk out March 14

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