New York Couple in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city of the Left. The Left has occupied the Dutch Capital, as long as I can remember. That is more than 45 years.

The city of sin, as I call my town, is predominantly visited by trash tourists. Trash tourism is tourism for sex and drugs, and perhaps also loud House music in discotheques.

When I strolled over the Rembrandt Square a few years ago, I was called by an inner voice to the Dam Square. I followed my intuition.

When I arrived at the Dam Square, a beautiful Israeli young woman approached me and asked for an address explanation. I decided to take her and her friend to the place.

When you think that I always welcome tourists as if they are kings and queens, you got me wrong. The Israeli lady was exceptional beautiful and kind. I knew she was not here (in Amsterdam) for the sinful activities.

Last year, I also met tourists, who were definitely not trash tourists. They were a couple from New York.

When I met the couple at the Dam Square, we immediately started to kid ourselves. The husband asked me if I worked as a bodyguard. I replied by telling him that all was secured.

The couple wore Trump baseball caps. They were red and had the text “Make America Great Again” on them.

I told the husband, to take the hats off when they enter a restaurant, in order to avoid food poisoning by a local Leftist.

The couple left the Dam Square and told me they were going into a restaurant as soon as possible.

EDITORS NOTE: To learn more please visit Mars Vigila.

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