Property Value Guarantee: What’s good for fossil fuels is good for wind turbines

Welcome to the latest Energy and Environmental Newsletter.

We have long advocated that a Property Value Guarantee (PVG) be included in any local wind ordinance that is serious about protecting the rights of citizens. Not suprisingly, the wind industry is adamantly opposed to a PVG… We were alerted to the fact that Exxon is offering a PVG near one of their fossil fuel facilities!  What’s acceptable for fossil fuels should be good enough for wind turbines…

Some of the more informative Global Warming articles in this issue are:

Global Warming – A Case Study in Groupthink
NOAA caught again manipulating climate change data
Peer-reviewed study finds that three key global temperature data sets are “not a valid representation of reality.”
Report: Alarmist Climate Change Rebuttal, an Overview
Alarmist Climate Researchers Abandon Scientific Method
So far 97 New 2018 Papers Support A Skeptical Position On Climate Change
Alarmists throw in the towel on poor quality surface temperature data
Sustainable Development: Code for Giving Up Your Rights
Study: Online Lies Spread Faster than the Truth

Some of the more interesting Energy related articles in this issue are:

The High Cost of Wind and Solar
Proposed Colorado Legislation: Health Effects of Industrial Wind Turbines
Congress: Kremlin Used Green Propaganda to Undercut U.S. Energy
Green Ideology’s Failed Experiment
California Has Too Much Green Energy
Maine Places Moratorium on Wind Projects
Scott Pruitt: The Weaponization of the EPA Is Over
Why Wind and Solar are Not the Future
Electric grid a prime target in cyberwar
Military Concerns put New Mexico Wind Project in Doubt
Dozens of studies about the ecosystem impacts of offshore wind turbines
How Corrupt is Audubon?
When did knowing too much become so political?

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