U.S. Senator CONFRONTS Twitter with Project Veritas Video

This follows our recent investigation that exposed Twitter’s disturbing censorship, “shadow-banning”, and anti-Trump bias. Now, Congress and the American people are taking action against Social Media Propaganda.

Take a look at Senator Ted Cruz confronting Twitter with videos from Project Veritas.

Watch now.

Representatives from YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter appeared at a hearing by The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee. During the hearing, Senator Ted Cruz blasted Twitter with a transcript of Project Veritas’ videos.

Here’s part of what Senator Cruz had to say:

There have been several videos that were released in recent weeks that I, and a lot of other people, find highly troubling.

This is highly troubling, indeed: it’s probably why the Twitter COO immediately resigned when Project Veritas exposed Twitter.

And we’re just getting started!

These Social Media Giants are on notice –– if they don’t stop their shameful practices of censorship – then Congress and the American people will continue to hold them accountable.

Project Veritas is watching!

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