VIDEO: Full interview on ‘Generation Next’ with President Donald J. Trump

Charlies Kirk, Executive Director of Turning Point USA, interviewed President Trump. The topic was Generation Next. Urban Dictionary defines Generation Next:

The generation of children that follows Generation X, whom are people born between the Late 60’s to the Early 80’s. (1965 to 1980)

Generation Next thereby is anyone born between the Late 80’s to Mid 90’s. (1980-1995). We are called Generation Next because we are the youth that goes into the Next Millenium and will be the first to have all the advantages of the Jetsons-Like “High Tech” Age, better known as “The Future”, where there are robots and flying cars and such, not that much of this will probably be true.

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of President Donald Trump answering questions posed by Charlie Kirk, executive director of Turning Point USA, during the White House’s “Generation Next” forum March 22, 2018. (Photo: Ron Sachs/CNP/MEGA/Newscom)

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