Florida: Former Democrat now Republican U.S. Senate candidate was convicted of check fraud

After I ran a U.S. Senate campaign and assisted in two Gubernatorial and two Congressional campaigns, U.S. Senate Candidate A. Lateresa Jones (R) asked for my help.

I agreed and met with her, her Campaign Manager, her Political Director and her bodyguard in Pensacola.

After the meet and greet I went home and conducted my due diligence here is what I found out:

  1. She was convicted of check fraud and served 2 months in jail in Denton Texas.
  2. She was a life long Democrat who recently changed to the Republican Party – an Obama supporter.
  3. She was using her campaign managers and political directors credit cards to fund her campaign without filing any expenditures with the Federal Election Committee (FEC) – no records shown.
  4. She shows only $100 in contributions.
  5. Her Campaign Manager and Political Director have just resigned after U.S. Senate Candidate Jones refused to refund them their out of pocket costs.
  6. The end of the quarter FEC filing closes the middle of this month – if no expenditures are posted for her campaign showing how her campaign is funded I’m filing charges with the FEC against her.

The integrity of the political process will be adhered to in order to protect the U.S. Constitution and the Republican Party.

I helped dismantle and expose Charlie Crist – assisting in his removal from the GOP and others – I look forward to continue the process of draining the swamp – God Bless America.

EDITORS NOTE: The author of this column Geoff Ross is a Senior Chief US Navy (Retired) and is a Republican Candidate for County Commissioner in District 1. – Santa Rosa County, Florida in 2020. The featured image of U.S. Senate Candidate Lateresa Jones (R) is courtesy of Lateresa Jones.

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  1. Michael
    Michael says:

    Wolves in sheep’s clothing. It is sad how many exist . They should be expelled and never alowed to be in politics again.

  2. john smith
    john smith says:

    yes…just like Brandon Tatum and Candace Owens they are not republicans. They are there to make money and using the name trump. They all voted and supported Obama and Hillary


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