Orange County Squeezes out Parents with LGBT Class

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: someone exposes your kids to something harmful — and you can’t stop them. That’s exactly the situation in Orange County, California, where the school district has decided that LGBT lessons are too important to let families opt out.

In a story that almost has to be read to be believed, Fox News’s Todd Starnes reprints the policy in black and white. “Parents who disagree with the instructional materials related to gender, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation may not excuse their children from this instruction,” the memo from the Orange County Board of Education warns.

Todd couldn’t believe his eyes, so he called a district spokesman who confirmed that kids would be forced to attend the schools’ LGBT indoctrination sessions. Then, in what was supposed to offer some reassurance, he went on to say that while parents may have no authority over what their kids learn in class, they had the district’s approval to rebut the materials at home. “Parents are free to advise their children that they disagree with some or all of the information presented in the instructional program and express their views on these subjects to their children.” You mean you’ll let us make the decisions when our kids are home? How thoughtful.

“The Orange County Department of Education feels it is their right to GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO DISAGREE WITH THEM. These are our children! They do not belong to the schools,” mom Heidi St. John fumed online. Unfortunately, this is all part of the state’s Healthy Youth Act from 2015, whose controversial provisions are just starting to hit home. Apart from LGBT propaganda, the law points out that students will also be told about the “effectiveness and safety of all FDA-approve contraceptive devices,” along with discussions about “abortion.”

District officials try to head-off any controversy by including this gem in the same memo: “The courts have held that parents do not have the constitutional rights to override the determinations of the state legislature or the school district as to what information their children will be provided in the public school classroom.” In other words, thanks for supplying the kids — we’ll handle the brainwashing.

In case leaders in California missed it, Americans aren’t taking radical sex at face value anymore. On Monday, 16 cities in four countries joined the Sex Ed Sit Out to protest programs as fanatical as this one. RedState’s Kira Davis says that if Orange County didn’t get the message, moms and dads should send them another one.

“Make noise. Lots and lots and lots of noise. When constituents get cranky, [lawmakers] pay attention… and so few people actually call and write anymore that just a few hundred voices go a very long way to making your representative and governor think twice about proceeding with something that seems unpopular.” If you have family or friends in Orange County, ask them to call the district at (714) 966-4012 and demand an opt-out from LGBT sex ed for students! Find your school board member here.

Tony Perkins’ Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.


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