KILLER CLERICS: Absolutely no excuse — period.

As you have probably heard by now, little Alfie Evans died on Saturday in the early morning hours at Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool, England. The case of the now-killed, little Alfie Evans has so much evil swirling around it that volumes could be written, from the British law usurping the natural-law rights of his parents, to the callousness of the hospital administrators in refusing to cooperate with other hospitals willing to take over the case, to the British courts in cold-heartedly just declaring flat-out that “There is also no reason for further delay.”

It would be hard to imagine the Nazi death-camp doctors speaking in more gruesome terms. There were plenty of reasons to not put the nearly two year old to death. His parents said “no.” A Roman hospital said “no.” Other doctors around the world said “no.” Parents in similar situations around the world said “no.” Even the pope said “no” — do not kill him.

But perhaps most disturbing in all this is the response of the numerous bishops and clerics in England and Rome. “Kill him” essentially sums up their opinion. The archbishop of Liverpool, Malcolm Patrick McMahon, not only publicly supported the hospital’s death sentence but couldn’t even get the most basic facts right in his statement when he said the parents of Alfie weren’t Catholic.

The father, Tom Evans, is a baptized Catholic, as was little Alfie — a shameful and revealing gross error. But McMahon was only following the lead of Abp. Vincenzo Paglia in Rome, ironically the head of the Pontifical Academy for Life, who voiced public support for the death of little Alfie. He was even confronted in the airport in Italy by a faithful laywoman who said he should be ashamed of his statement. He brushed her aside and ordered an aide to handle her. Paglia was probably in a rush to get back to the homoerotic paintings featuring himself that he commissioned for his cathedral church. Once Pope Francis came out publicly supporting Alfie and pleading for his life, the homoerotic-painting-loving archbishop suddenly reversed course and supported Alfie.

But most troubling perhaps of all is the support given to the death merchants and deniers of parental natural law rights by the bishops of England and Wales who piled on little Alfie, approving of his killing by the hospital, doubling down on the Paglia-McMahon stance and in public defiance of the pope. These men are among the most vocal, along with many of their ilk, when calling for mercy. But there were no calls for mercy for little Alfie, even though he did not have a fatal disease, and in fact, the cause of his condition was largely unknown.

It’s astounding when you consider that the establishment of Great Britain was cheering and supporting the killing of one child on one side of England when cheering and supporting the life of another child born on practically the same day Alfie was killed — the newborn prince of William and Kate — Louis. That little royal better hope he doesn’t develop some serious medical condition and then turn to the nation’s Catholic bishops for support in saving his life.

Almost 500 years ago, the Catholic bishops of England supported the spiritual death of England in turning the country over to the wishes of an adulterous, murderous king. Five-hundred years later, it appears they are just as happy to continue in the losing streak in turning over to the Establishment the physical lives of sick children — even in defiance of a plea by the pope.

Parents, not governments, have the natural-law right from Almighty God to make these decisions for their children, not the state and certainly not errant-misguided-duplicitous-disobedient-killer clerics. Little Alfie Evans — dead — just two weeks before his second birthday. Please stay tuned for today’s Download where the panel will discuss all this in much greater detail.

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