Freedom from Facebook — Sign the FCC Petition to Breakup FB’s Monopoly

Citizens Against Monopoly sent the following petition to those frustrated with Facebook:

Today, the European Parliament confronted Mark Zuckerberg with our #ImNotYourProduct demand to let users opt out of targeted advertising.

He refused to answer.

He was also asked to explain why his Facebook-Instagram-WhatsApp-Messenger monopoly shouldn’t be broken up.

He didn’t have any answer for that, either.

Sign our petition to tell the Federal Trade Commission to break up Facebook and protect our data and democracy.

Most of us use Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. They’re important ways for us to communicate and connect with each other.

But Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg have amassed a scary amount of power. Facebook unilaterally decides the news that billions of people around the world see every day.

It buys up or bankrupts potential competitors to protect its monopoly, killing innovation and choice.

It tracks us almost everywhere on the web and, through our smartphones, even where we go in the real world.

It uses this intimate data hoard to figure out how to addict us and our children to its services.

And then Facebook serves up everything about us to its true customers — virtually anyone willing to pay for the ability to convince us to buy, do, or believe something.

And it is spending millions on corporate lobbyists, academics, and think tanks to ensure no one gets in their way.


We’ve joined a new coalition to fight back, to demand the Federal Trade Commission take necessary action to give us freedom from Facebook.

The five members of the FTC can make Facebook safe for our democracy by spinning off WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger into competing networks, requiring interoperability so we have the freedom to communicate across networks, and imposing strong privacy rules.

Tell the Federal Trade Commission to break up Facebook and protect our data and democracy.

Thank you,

Sarah Miller
Citizens Against Monopoly

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