Harris Survey: Americans uncomfortable with LGBTQ community

Accelerating Acceptance 2018: A Survey of American Acceptance and Attitudes Toward LGBTQ Americans survey by Harris/GLAAD found:

This year, the acceptance pendulum abruptly stopped and swung in the opposite direction. More non-LGBTQ adults responded that they were “very” or “somewhat” uncomfortable around LGBTQ people in select scenarios.

[ … ]

This year’s survey reflects a decline with people’s comfort year-over-year in every LGBTQ situation, losing ground that had been gained during the last four years. Three of the most personal interaction scenarios experienced significant declines with more people reporting discomfort with “learning a family member is LGBTQ”, “learning my child’s teacher is LGBTQ” and “learning my doctor is LGBTQ”.

[ … ]

There has been a significant decline in overall comfort and acceptance of LGBTQ people, as reflected in a meaningful shift from “Allies” to “Detached Supporters.”

This may be why:

The below map shows states that have passed religious freedom legislation since the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act introduced by then Congressman, now Senator, Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

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