VIDEO: MSM caught red-handed lying about us!

As you are aware, some of our video is being used as evidence in several court trials of Disrupt J20 protesters. This is the video where we caught them planning to chain trains and put butyric acid in the ventilation system of the National Press Club. Right now, the protester’s lawyers are trying to get this damning evidence disqualified – which is the role of defense lawyers in cases like this.

What’s so terrible is the way the mainstream media is handling this – turning the legal issues into a propaganda campaign against us. Although we turned over the full video to law enforcement officials, Esquire, the Daily Beast and other outlets are twisting words to suggest or insinuate that we deceptively edited the video, even though this is the exact opposite of the truth.

Watch this video to see me challenge them for accusing us of deceptively editing video when we provided them the full footage. You will also want to watch this video to see me call them out and debunk their propaganda.

In Veritas!

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