The Ideological Battlefield in Washington D.C.

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.” – Margaret Fuller

I have been doing just that for the last thirty years to educate the American people, because the vast majority of Americans are not familiar with the real Socialism, hence they allowed a criminal social theory to become a legitimate philosophy in the country. In my books—Socialism is a myth, a fraud based on a Utopian concept. Just look at Bernie Sanders, who calls himself a Democratic Socialist. The term itself is an oxymoron—a democrat can’t be a socialist, a socialist can’t be democratic. The term reveals an absence of knowledge of real Socialism and its agenda for decades. Socialism means a one Party dictatorship ending in the loss of individual liberty and private property, which is the opposite of democracy and should be called-Fascism.

Observing capitalism from within and having experienced socialism, I believe that Marxist theory was artificially linked to world-renowned German philosophers of the 19th century like Hegel, a father of German idealism, and Feuerbach to bring a kind of fame to Marxism. They had two things in common with Marx–Hegelian idealism and Feuerbach’s atheism.  But what does that have to do with class struggle? Dialectical materialism itself remains a controversial theory. Of course, the world changes over time, but not necessarily through world revolution with millions killed. Moreover, this discussion is beyond the point as Soviet Socialism has nothing to do with the original Marxist theory.

A Short Story of Soviet Socialism

The Communist Manifesto published by Karl Marx and Frederic Engels in 1848 has been recognized as one of the world’s most influential political manuscripts. Creating the theory of socialism and communism as a means of rooting out the exploitation of man by man, Marx and Engels purposely divided it into two phases: the first phase was socialism and the second –- communism. They identified in detail the tasks, agendas, and ways to achieve them in their “theory” as follows:

  • First – Developing the tasks and agenda—overthrowing the capitalist economic system and establishing socialism as the basis for the creation of a classless communist society in the future.
  • Second – The strategy to fulfill the tasks and agenda—through World Revolution.
  • Third – The World Revolution would occur under the leadership of the proletariat.  “Proletariats of the world unite!” was their slogan.
  • Fourth – Marxist Theory was to be limited to industrially-developed European countries.

Socialist Revolution in 1917 in Russia was the first successful one, where its leader Vladimir Lenin suggested a lot of changes in the Russian Communist platform. The 12th Congress of the Russian Communist Party (Bolsheviks) was held during 17–25 April 1923 in Moscow, where Lenin recommended Stalin’s removal from the position of General Secretary of the Party:

“Stalin is too coarse and this defect, although quite tolerable in our midst and in dealing among us Communists, becomes intolerable in a Secretary-General. That is why I suggest that the comrades think about a way of removing Stalin from that post and appointing another man in his stead who in all other respects differs from Comrade Stalin. “

Lenin also had doubts about Russia’s future by Marxist way, because of the fourth requirement of the original theory: “Marxist theory was to be limited to industrially-developed European countries.” He thought that being an agrarian country, Russia therefore should find its own way to Socialism:  “why cannot we begin by first achieving the prerequisites for that definite level of culture?”  Lenin dies in a year and Stalin obtained unlimited power in Russia in 1924. Lenin was right in both counts, hence we can’t call system built by Stalin a system of Marx’s Socialism: because it is something else. The term Soviet is correctly exists, the Soviets materialized Socialism for the first time in history, yet the term Socialism due to Marx’s fourth prerequisite is very questionable.

To understand today Stalinist Socialism, you have to know how Stalin built the first Socialist State. I dedicated this topic to four books and over eighty columns. In short, Stalinism was a bloody, compulsive and forceful way directed against the will of Russia people with the main activities and help of the police. By preaching Marxist slogans, Stalin actually implemented system of Stalinism, using his own arsenal of lies, deception, fraud, and obfuscations, making a system of incredible corruption.  Moreover, the system was spread throughout the globe, bringing millions of deaths and injuries to populations, destroying and harming the land of all inhabited continents… Perhaps, this is the reason, I named Stalinism—Soviet Fascism.

Today the media uses with ease the terms socialism, communism, and Marxist ideology, they have become popular topics for discussion on radio, TV, and the internet without awareness of reality. Their words are often misleading, and to really understand socialism, you must have lived through it. I am a survivor of Stalinist Socialism and I know what it truly means. To prove it, I’ll give you only one feature of Stalin’s Socialism to grasp the reality, and it is not Gulag, Perjuries, or Show Trials, you have already heard about. I’ll give you the picture of real human disaster of life under Stalinism.

The Face of Stalinist Socialism—A Communal Apartment

Until I got married and moved to Estonia, my entire life since childhood had taken place in a communal apartment (kommunalka) first in Moscow and then in Leningrad. It was the very famous Pertsov’s building, biggest in Leningrad, if I am not mistaken, 10,000 people lived there. Pertsov was a successful Russian businessman dealing with railroad transportation, particularly with the first Russian railroad from St. Petersburg to Moscow. It was the famous Imperial Government of Russia Nicolas Railroad built in 1869 in honor of Czar Nicolas 1. After the 1917 Socialist Revolution all Real Estate of the country, including the Pertsov’s building was confiscated and nationalized, thus becoming the property of the State.

As thousands of 2 to 7 room apartments had become property of the government, they were remade to be communal ones, where each family received one room. My family got a room in the apartment on the second floor. Although it was a pretty big room, there was not enough light—the only window at the corner, looked out at the building’s wall. We had to have electrical lights on all the time. There were seven families in the apartment, which had one kitchen, one bathroom, one lavatory next to the kitchen. Can you imagine what was going on at seven o’clock in the morning in our apartment??? A long corridor had never been empty—each family had the right to locate some old items and boxes with laundry next to a door off their room.

The kitchen was big and comprised of seven tables with seven kerosenka (an oil or paraffin -stove), one on each table.  We had a table with our own kerosenka to cook. The women in the apartment were spending hours in the kitchen preparing the meals for the family. Our kitchen became the place to socialize and exchange the views. The big kitchen also had a back door to take the garbage out. All the neighbors threw their garbage down stairs to the back yard, where the big wooden boxes were constructed for garbage. I am talking about the time of the 1950s.

If you are a woman and have some imaginations, you can perceive the life of a Soviet women for all 24/7, let alone the empty shelfs in the supermarket, and limited incomes to buy food in a farmer’s market. It was hard life for everybody in the Soviet Union, especially for the women.  Suddenly we got interesting news. In late 1958, the Soviet Union and the United States agreed to set up national exhibitions in each other’s nation as part of their new emphasis on cultural exchanges. Vice President Nixon was bringing a model of the modern American kitchen to Moscow… Now you can’t imagine what happened in each communal apartment behind the Iron Curtin… The American kitchen in Moscow!?

The apartments with an individual kitchen had been a rarity in the country, only 3-5 percent of the population had them—the Communist leaders. The rest had lived in communal apartments in a country spread across eleven time zones. After hearing the news over the radio, the entire female part of the country wanted desperately to see the American kitchen. The air and soil behind the Iron Curtin were boiling and buzzing by women’s whisperings, desires, and preparations. There were no barriers the women couldn’t overcome to go to Moscow to see the American kitchen. Women and men traveled by horses, by the contingent trucks, by ships, by trains, often walking miles to get some means of transportations, in the country of eleven time zones.

The men were also concerned, especially the men in power, the Communists, they had never seen such active women’s movement. The exhibition of the American kitchen had occupied the minds of the population and the KGB had not been ready to react adequately. The significance of the event, had scared them, they had known about a desperate housing situation in the country and did not know how to respond to ‘capitalist propaganda.’ “During the grand opening ceremony of the American National Exhibition in Moscow, Vice President Richard Nixon and Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev engage in a heated debate about capitalism and communism in the middle of a model kitchen set up for the fair. The so-called ‘kitchen debate’ became one of the most famous episodes of the Cold War.”

In front of an army of reporters and photographers who followed them around, Nixon and Khrushchev continued their argument in the kitchen of a model home built in the exhibition: “For a few moments, in the confines of a “modern” kitchen, the diplomatic gloves had come off and America and the Soviet Union had verbally jousted over which system was superior–communism or capitalism.” The KGB and all Communists hated Nixon, because they were helpless, being exposed by the presence of the American kitchen… Yet, the enemies of democracy have a long memory and use it when the circumstances presented them the opportunity…

I have visited this exhibition, met a lot of women, talked to them and I know the dramatic effect of the American individual kitchen on the Soviet human mind in 1959. The KGB also recognized the dramatic effect the Soviet people had experienced and they used the opportunity of revenge to Nixon in the 1970s. It is a huge story that requires a different column to tell you how the KGB organized the Watergate and ousted President Nixon with the help of some Democrats. Ironically, history repeats itself and we are dealing with the same KGB and the same set of techniques today, fifty years later. Now the KGB works with the entire Democrat Party against President Trump, confronting his family and the people working for him. You are witnessing this every day, yet you don’t know who is really behind anti-Trump campaign… Stay tuned…

A Hundred Years War: Communism vs. Capitalism

If you read documents about the famous “kitchen debate,” you will have the big picture arguments about Capitalism and Communism, which in fact continues between America and Russia today, in 2018. It is an “epidemic of disinformation” produced by Russia today, using the old Stalinist arsenal of lies, fraud, deceptions, and obfuscations to fool and deceive you. Writing for the last thirty years and giving you a detailed anatomy of this war, I was calling it the asymmetrical war against capitalism and Western civilization. Actually, it is the same war against the Truth, waged by the Russian Intel against the Republicans fifty years later. Knowledge is Power–Richard Nixon had known the Truth of the housing disaster in Russia. He had exposed the biggest problem of a totalitarian State—misery conditions and quality of life under Stalinist Communism/Socialism….  “The communal apartment became the predominant form of housing in the USSR for generations, and examples still exist in “the most fashionable central districts of large Russian cities.” Wikipedia

Telling the truth is a powerful method to expose the “epidemic of disinformation” that has continued since the victory of 1917 Socialist Revolution in Russia. Knowledge is the best disinfector! Do you remember who help Stalin to maintain his Socialism? The carrier of this epidemic had been then and still is the Russian Intel which I have written about for thirty years. To be precise—the KGB (currently Putin’s FSB) and GRU with Stalin’s skillful propaganda techniques. President Nixon had known the true Housing disaster in Russia. His courageous actions cost him the presidency. The enemy of America had prearranged, connived and manufactured the activities against him with the help of some Democrats. It was open season on the Republicans and they had not defended their President–they surrendered. They did not know about a deep infiltration of the Soviets into our political system, and they have never heard about the ideology of Soviet fascism…

Fifty years later we see something very similar to the past: the attempt to oust another American President–Donald J. Trump. The predicament in America is even worse today, due to erroneous American foreign policy, especially during the last thirty years. Up to now, America is still unaware of the ideology of Soviet fascism, which to survive will never stop fighting successful capitalism. The last thirty years have given Soviet fascism the time and opportunity to enhance Russian military and its intelligence apparatus to continue its expansion to the world. Today we have a global political forces confronting a sitting American President…

Soviet fascism is an International Scam to fight the American political system left to us by our Founding Fathers. The rule of Law is a determining factor in American exceptionalism and the agenda of Soviet fascism was and is trying to delegitimize our political system by infiltrating it and destroy it from within. The Soviet infiltration started with the socialist-professors, camouflaging Socialism by inculcated our youth and teaching a cosmetic version in the Colleges and Universities since the 1950s. The infiltration was spread into other areas of social activities: Academia, Media, Sport, our security agencies, and so on. I dedicated many pages of my books to Russian Secret Service institutions to inform you about them. Just read my latest columns to know the KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov and his Operation Barbarossa against America.

The war against the American system of government is in its apogee today to oust American President Donald J. Trump for a very simple reason—he plans To Make America Great Again. The negative politics derived from this war, from two distinct philosophies of Evil in the world and it is the major political distinction between the Republican and Democrat Parties. For many decades the Democrats have been soft on the Soviets—history records it. The last three decades they were appeasing Russia and its satellites North Korea, Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah in the Middle East becoming the real Soviet Socialists. They are using all Stalin’s political methods and imitating the issues of opposition to fool and deceive you, like Stalin taught them in his Doctrine of Political Correctness. I recognized consistent patterns of Soviet fascism, its deliberate propaganda and rhetorical spins in defense of Obama used by the Democrats.

Republicans have a completely different philosophy and approach to this Evil–peace through strength: the policy of Presidents Ronald Reagan and Donald J. Trump has testified to that. Rush Limbaugh is the smartest and savviest man in the world after Winston Churchill: he defines the Democrats as Socialists on his show every day and doing that brilliantly. I can’t compete with him. He is right, yet, I am analyzing politics due to my own experiences: The Democrat leaders, working with the KGB for decades, have inherited the Evil ideology of Soviet fascism and are trying to implement it in our country today. I catalogued it in my book: Socialist Lies: From Stalin to the Clintons, Obamas, and Sanders, Xlibris, 2016

Yes, Soviet fascism is the Evil ideology spread throughout the world. It is confirmed that Russia launched missiles and brought down Malaysian plane MH-17, killing 298 victims—there is no respect for human life in Russia. People who adhered to this Evil ideology have assassinated human beings with Polonium-210 and other nuclear agents in England, the moto is to assassinate the opposition leaders by all means possible to implement the ideology of Soviet fascism and One World Government under Kremlin’s rule. If you still unaware of the ideology of Soviet fascism, to convince you, I’ll try to address the topics discussed by all media outlets today to show you a predominant subject:

  1. North Korea, a Stalinist State, was founded personally by Stalin. North Korea is holding its twenty-five million inhabitants in Gulag conditions. Both the Gulag and North Korea are the production of Soviet fascism. Though the Summit in Singapore has been cancelled, I have a warning to President Trump: the security apparatus of North Korea is inextricably tied to Putin’s Intel, therefore we can expect provocations and fabrications, complaints, blame, protests, and delays to slow expectations and deprive President Trump of clear victory. Besides, China has a tremendous fear of a unified Korea. So, ahead of us lays a long diplomatic choreography with so-called Communist/Socialist camp. Yet, the Summit will take place—Trump has a new strategic thinking to prevent the war …

Iran is also a satellite state built by Putin’s Intel for the last three decades. Remember: Putin is a devoted disciple of Yuri Andropov and Stalin. The agenda of invasion of Iran was started by Stalin and was completed by Andropov in cahoots with Ahmadinejad. Their collaboration ousted the Shah of Iran in the 1979 Revolution and built the Revolutionary Guard and Quds Force imitating the KGB structure. If you know the last two, you can also understand the inextricable ties of Iran to Russia. For your information, it was Putin, who designed Iran Nuclear Deal and got a chunk of our money. The same hostile-to-America country is Socialist Venezuela, built by Soviet fascism. People are dying from hunger there. Read about Stalin, Andropov’s Operation Barbarossa, Iran and Venezuela in my books and latest columns.

Shooting in the American Schools is also a continuation of the asymmetrical war waged by Soviet fascism. I have been writing about the shooting in our schools since Columbine. It was the first then in 1999. I was stunned by the failure of the FBI and local police to investigate the case with the consideration and knowledge of Soviet Fascism. I have written about this failure consequently in my two books: The Russian Factor, Xlibris, 2006 and What is Happening to America? Xlibris, 2012, Chapter 7, WW III: Recruitments and Drugs, Infiltration and Assassinations. The absence of response from the FBI, drove me to address the Soviet crime again in my column, describing “the Soviet Medicine.” The shooting in the schools will continue until the ideology of Soviet Fascism is learned. 

The MS-13 gangs. I’ve lived in New York City for many years. Long Island was the most peaceful part of the city, while Republicans ran it. Everything has changed when the Democrats Barack Obama became President and Bill de Blasio mayor of New York City. As my main issue is American National Security, I am sure that the MS-13 gangs are the continuation of Andropov’s Operation Barbarossa in the asymmetrical war against America and the Republican Party. MS-13 has encompasses all crimes committed by the Soviets in 1950-1990: human trafficking, cruelty in killing, drug trafficking, and so on.

Soviet fascism has no nationality or race, the unhuman brutality and nefarious nature of the gangs indicates the Evil ideology of Soviet fascism. I have been writing about the Democrat’s collaboration with the KGB since 2008, pp. 337-338, What is Happening to America? You can read about the Obama/Putin Alliance in my columns as well. The Obama/Putin Alliance I called sometimes the Obama/Putin Joint Venture, but the essence of the conspiracy and its reprehensible, evil agenda is still there. A treacherous conspiracy from within caused deaths of thousands of young boys and girls in uniform and a great deal of wealth to the United States of America.

The Ideological Battlefield in Washington D.C.

Washington, D.C. at the White House.

We are dealing today with “the criminal Deep State,” espionage and treason, I have been writing about this for many years. Therefore, knowledge of the enemy is a MUST. To learn how much the Soviets/Russian “have achieved,” you have to start with the famous Soviet document dated a year 1955. The document is the factual act of war, unknown to the FBI and to the vast majority of Americans. My books and columns will help you to learn, too. But the information about both is suppressed by the FBI to deprive you the real knowledge of the enemy—FBI submitted my name to the FISA court to have a probable cause to block information about my writings. It was done by the Democrat Party in power, the way they demolished the Russian Studies in many Universities, the field of Sovietology and Kremlinology.

Today we have a paradox of incompetence in Washington D.C. The rank-and-file Democrats are not familiar with the information in my books and columns—they are fooled and deceived by a group called by Judge Pirro a “criminal cabal.” I like this term. To your surprise, the Republicans are not well informed either. And all those people have the audacity to talk about Russia every day! This paradox of incompetence allowed “a criminal cabal” in cahoots with Putin’s KGB to successfully go fishing in the murky waters of the DC Swamp. Of course, it was a spy program for information from Trump’s team, the same way Putin’s KGB has used the unmasked name of Americans and information, trying to recruit them: Andropov’s teachings…

In fact, the anti-Trump Investigation is a cover-up of Obama’s and DNC’s crimes committed during many years collaborating with Putin’ KGB. Obama weaponized our entire security apparatus CIA, FBI, DOJ, to fabricate Trump’s crime. It was triggered by the KGB production of a fake Dossier. Then investigation had become a perjury trap to convict President Trump for crime committed by the Democrats-a typical injustice of Soviet fascism. Do you have an idea about the force running “a criminal cabal?” Yes, Vladimir Putin and his KGB in collaboration with the Democrat Party. Actually, the fate of the Democrat Party is at stake and some Democrats knowing that will defend Obama by all means possible, by hook or by crook, with rhetorical spins taught by Stalin.  Just watch them!

Former Federal Prosecutor Joe DiGenova told The Daily Caller, “There are agents all over the country who love the bureau and are sickened by Comey’s behavior and McCabe and Holder and Lynch and thugs like Brennan-who despise the fact that the bureau was used as a tool of political intelligence by the Obama administration thugs.” Knowing Andropov’s design against America, I would suggest to look for the members of family working in CIA, FBI, DOJ—Andropov liked to use family. I would also add several more names to the list: Bill Clinton, Terry McAuliffe, Barack Obama, and all people of Clinton’s Mafia, if you read my books and know them…

America has two types of people committing betrayals: those who do not like the system established by our Founding Fathers and trying to transform it– they are currently collaborating with the KGB to destroy America the Beautiful, and those politicians who haven’t a clue about the KGB infiltrations, hence becoming their accomplices. Current security people won’t be able to identify them without reading my books and columns. One thing history as taught us that we cannot let up until the enemy is completely defeated. It is especially important in the day of memory for our soldiers who did not return home… Good luck America!

To be continued

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