U.S. Allies Plotting to Skirt U.S. Sanctions Against Iran

The European Union particularly Great Britain, France and Germany are at best ‘fair weather allies’. As long as the U.S. picked up the tab for their protection against Russia’s possible aggression they were U.S. allies. When President Trump insisted that they pay what they were supposed to ( their NATO contribution) their friendship and support for U.S. policy seems to have evaporated.

The behavior of Great Britain and France is reminiscent of the deal they struck with Hitler in Munich in September 1938 when they sold Czechoslovakia down the river which led to World War II. If it wasn’t for America which came to their defense instead of speaking English and French today these allies would be speaking German.

The new Nazi regime is Iran. Once again our fair weather friends are plotting to support another Nazi like regime for profit going behind the back of  their  U.S. ally by undermining U.S.’s Iranian sanctions. They have joined China and Russia, U.S. adversaries to fund Iran’s nuclear and missile program and its aggression.

Even more disturbing former President Obama and John Kerry are secretly working with Iran, GB, France, Germany, China and Russia to undermine U.S. policy. While they have the right to do so it is scandalous.

U.S. Allies are Plotting Against the U.S. to Skirt Sanctions

Iranian officials are plotting with U.S. allies across the globe to develop a series a measures meant to counter new sanctions by the Trump administration following its abandonment of the landmark nuclear deal, setting up a global economic showdown between America and its allies over their future business dealings with the Islamic Republic.

Iranian leaders disclosed on Tuesday that they had recently held high-level meetings with European Union nations and leaders in India and Thailand to explore options for skirting new U.S. sanctions.

Iran’s efforts and the warm reception it is receiving from many nations has roiled leaders on Capitol Hill, where some lawmakers are already moving to confront these countries and ensure they face harsh repercussions for any breach of U.S. sanction law.

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