Congressman Ron DeSantis Endorses School Board Term Limits in Florida

In an exclusive op-ed for U.S. Term Limits, Congressman and gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis has endorsed eight-year term limits for all school board members in Florida. DeSantis is widely known as a champion of “drain the swamp” policies in Washington, including term limits.

In the Op-Ed, DeSantis writes:

“In our oft-divided political climate, it’s vital to pursue reforms that bring people together and restore power to citizens— even when those ideas won’t win friends among the permanent political class.

I’ve found that no issue unifies like term limits. The people of Florida, regardless of party affiliation, have reached the same verdict Benjamin Franklin did centuries ago: rotation-in-office is the lifeblood of our republic. No elected office, whether federal or local, is ever better off when run by career politicians.

That’s why I support eight-year term limits for all school board members. I am confident this proposal would bring new energy and ideas to school boards, which too often suffer from the same untamed incumbency that paralyzes Congress.”

The full op-ed is available HERE.

Since his election to Congress in 2012, DeSantis has led the fight on congressional term limits. He is the lead sponsor of House Joint Resolution 6, which proposes a constitutional amendment limiting House members to three terms and Senators to two. DeSantis has also helped secure support from President Trump for this amendment.

In Congress there is no stronger advocate for term limits than Ron DeSantis. We are encouraged by Ron’s support for draining the Florida swamp as well as the one in Washington.

School board term limits will appear as Amendment Eight on the fall ballot.


Congressman Ron DeSantis represents Florida’s 6th District in the U.S. House of Representatives. He is a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy Reserves and a candidate for Governor of Florida in 2018.

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  1. blanca vrotsos
    blanca vrotsos says:

    greatttttttttt I agree with terminus’s for Conngressists Senator and School Board Florida have to b clear………………. 100% ONLY Trump’s Supporters for November……Miami infects for Democrats as a Mayor his elote and more in November have to b REDDDDDDDD in the way for 2020.


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