VIDEO: Hollywood Two-Step — Against Sexual Assault, Except When It Involves Planned Parenthood

Hollywood celebrities have declared the era of hiding sexual assault to be over. The #TimesUp movement launched earlier this year and gained the support of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. They have used their money and star power to raise millions of dollars to fight against sexual assault and on other issues.

Many of these same celebrities, however, have refused to revoke their support for one of America’s most prolific protectors of sexual abusers: Planned Parenthood.

As revealed by Live Action’s amazing research and seen in the embedded video below*, Avengers star Scarlett Johannson, Harry Potter star Emma Watson, and others in Hollywood stand behind Planned Parenthood even as they say #TimesUp on sexual assault. 

Live Action has for years exposed Planned Parenthood’s frequently illegal and always immoral practices. Their newest campaign, focused around Planned Parenthood’s cover-ups of sexual abuse, may be followed here and here.

The hypocrisy of these hashtag activists is appalling. You can hold them accountable, however — let them know on social media that just as #TimesUp for Harvey Weinstein, it should also be up for Planned Parenthood. Urge them to retract their support for an abortion company that cares more about its bottom line than protecting little girls.

And don’t forget to use your second vote wisely outside of Hollywood. You can see all the companies that support Planned Parenthood’s abortion industry on 2ndVote’s resource page here.

*2ndVote is grateful to Live Action for allowing us to be the first organization to post the above video. We couldn’t be prouder to help such a great organization make the world aware of the evils of Planned Parenthood.

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