How bad is the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety [and gun control] Act?

This article encapsulates all the reasons why the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act is a horribly bad piece of legislation (with the exception of  the Marshall, Guardian and/or Safety Officer piece to put armed school officials or an armed security guard at all schools – basically PCSO Sheriff Judd’s plan).  The rest is just scary and/or an expensive bureaucratic nightmare that adds more power and control to state and local governments – in fact much of it is down right Marxist in my opinion.

Any Republican in the Florida Legislature who voted Yes for this law along with Governor Scott who signed it should be ashamed of themselves.

I just read all 105 pages of the law again very slowly and it scares the hell out of me especially the part about the ex parte and Risk Protection Orders allowing the courts to seize all firearms of a person  from their home or elsewhere  accused (and must prove their innocence) of being a threat or risk to themselves or others without DUE PROCESS and in my view in clear violation of our 4th, 5th and 14th Amendment rights.

I highly recommend you read this law for yourself (here) especially pages  27 – 47 and 57 – 61 and send it out to others to read for themselves.  If this doesn’t scare you/them then you are much too trusting of  our system of Justice and its corruption by the left and establishment types in many areas than I am.  At the Federal level they are trying the same thing called “Red Flag” laws.

I really don’t understand why the NRA is only going after the lowering of the age piece and not the ex parte order piece which is clearly dangerous for all legal carry permit holders and gun owners regardless of age especially in the hands of liberal judges, liberal prosecutors and  LE officials in Democrat controlled areas (counties and cities).

We can’t deny that these ex parte order and Risk Protection Order pieces of this terrible law will facilitate the weaponizing of the law against 2nd Amendment rights! This is especially so where there are Liberal Judges and Prosecutors based in liberal districts, counties and cities.

Wake Up

This law is mostly about gun control rather than school safety!  It is about solidifying the leftist base that wants to take away all firearms.  It is simply a knee jerk reaction to leftist propaganda and politicizing dead children killed by a lunatic who should have been in jail or at least disarmed and this would never have happened.

The terrible Parkland High School shootings resulted from a failure of the FBI and the Broward County Sheriff and his Department to do their job in protecting schools including a Broward Coward Deputy on scene who refused to run to the sound of the gun and 3 other deputies who arrived while shooting still ongoing and hid behind barricade.   Co – responsible is the School Superintendent and Board who put in place Barack Obama & Eric Holder’s Promises program to not identify or arrest criminal minority teenagers.

Where is the condemnation and firing of Sheriff Israel, his on school site Deputies who hid behind barriers as the firing continued for 4-6 mins and the on Site Captain scene commander who wouldn’t allow Fire Chief & his EMTs to render aid to the wounded for over 20 mins and the Superintendent of Schools of Broward County & his School Board who put in place the ill-conceived Obama Promise Program to cover up teenage minority criminals including the shooter – Cruz?

We need to be on a crusade about these 2nd, 4th, 5th and 14th Amendment violations of our rights in this very dangerous, slip shod, knee jerk reaction law which is based on emotional outbursts from the left seeking gun control.  The Parkland shootings are a clear result of a failure of law enforcement at the Federal and County levels and school board officials in Broward county and not every law abiding gun owner in Florida.

It seems to me that only a few folks seem concerned about this as all I hear from many conservative group and 2A advocacy circles are crickets.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act

Please feel free to send back your comments/feedback.


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    • Royal A. Brown III
      Royal A. Brown III says:

      George – Not sure what comment about whose paying to move kids around country has to do with the MS School Safety Act being a Bad Law unless you are implying the same source of funding for both which would be George Soros or one of his 250 communist groups and/or taxpayers thru federal agencies. Royal Brown III

  1. Royal A. Brown III
    Royal A. Brown III says:

    OK now I get it – you were not talking about children of illegal aliens but the HS students used by CNN and other gun control groups as pawns by providing them scripts of what to say, signs, etc. Probably Bloomberg, Mothers Against Guns or whatever they are called, the media like CNN and many other Soros funded socialist/anti 2A groups. When these kids are asked the right questions about firearms, the 2A or the Constitution, etc. they don’t have a clue. They have been politicized and used ruthlessly by the left.

    • Royal A Brown III
      Royal A Brown III says:

      Yes – the Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS students who were brainwashed & used by CNN who provided them with scripts that they really don’t understand. Bloomberg’s gun control group Everytown USA is bribing RINOs now to stay the course on this terrible law no matter how bad it is.

      Example – Everytown gave $500,000 to Senate President Galvano’s PAC and he was one of the key leaders pushing for SB7026 approval with only 3 weeks left in 2018 FL legislative session – Gov Scott should have called for a special session to spend more time analyzinig the consequences of this bill especially denying Due Process with Risk Protection Order process.


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