A Gold Star Mother’s Open Letter to Rep. Cohen on his Purple Heart Comment

We received the below letter from America’s Mighty Warriors. As a combat veteran I was deeply hurt by the comments by Representative Stephen Ira Cohen  (D-TN 9th District) saying to fired FBI agent Peter Strzok, “If I could give you a Purple Heart I would.”

Debbie Lee with her son Marc, a fallen hero.

While serving with the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam during Tet of 1968 my company started out with 140 men. By the end of the Tet Counter Offensive we had 90 men left. Many wounded and killed. Each receiving a Purple Heart. Please read the heart felt letter from Debbie Lee, mother of Marc Lee, the first Navy SEAL killed in Iraq.

Open Letter to Rep. Cohen,

How dare this member of the House of Representatives compare the 10 hours of testimony that are caused by Strzok’s own actions, lies and manipulations of his investigations, to what our brave warriors endure when they are in the midst of combat. Our Purple Heart recipients have been shot, blown up and many, like Marc, gave their final breath and were posthumously awarded the Purple Heart. Many of our purple heart recipients are missing limbs, can’t walk, or give their loved ones a hug. Many will never be able to speak again. I’m sure that Marc would have loved to testify for Congress, or work for the FBI when he left the SEALs or be able to go home at night to his family.

Rep. Steve Cohen, you are shameful and have disgraced and dishonored our Purple Heart recipients, their families and the real sacrifices that have been made. They paid for you to have the freedom to say your uneducated, absurd, hurtful comments, but they are the consequences of your words. I trust that voters in Tennessee see the real you and that your are voted out. Wouldn’t that be justice if it was a Purple Heart recipient. Who in their right mind would compare the sacrifices of our Purple Heart recipients to consequences suffered while subpoenaed to testify before Congress for your action is trying to destroy our country?

There was no blood shed in that hearing room on Capitol Hill yesterday, no loss of life. Mr. Cohen, as to your comment from a few good men, “You can’t handle the truth”, you, sir, can’t handle the truth that you are ignorant when it comes to our military and the contrast between those who would selflessly sacrifice to defend us and those who would do whatever illegal, immoral thing they could to destroy President Trump. Even if it means destroying our country.

I didn’t listen to all of the testimony yesterday but wondering did Peter Strzok correct Rep. Cohen when he compared him to our Purple Heart Heroes? After all, he did serve in the military and every honorable veteran I know would have confronted that and corrected him.

To our Purple Hear recipients, their families and those who died in combat, I am so sorry you have had additional pain inflicted on you from Rep. Cohen for your sacrifices. We at America’s Mighty Warriors will always be here for you. It’s ironic that I just sent out an email earlier this week to our Purple Heart recipients and Gold Star families for a retreat we are hosting on September 7-10 in Texas. We host these to let you know we will never forget and promise to live lives worthy of their sacrifices.

Rep. Cohen, our actions speak louder than your words. Maybe you should come to the retreat for 10 hours and meet these families, hear their heroic stories of sacrifice and we will put you in a chair and let them question you and see if you change your mind and would profusely apologize for your pain inflicted comments.

Appalled in Arizona,

Debbie Lee
Proud Mother of Marc Lee
First Navy SEAL killed in Iraq 8-2-06


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