Dr. Sebastian Gorka’s talk at the Daytona Beach Lincoln Day Dinner, ‘Trump is kryptonite to the left’

Sunday night my wife Glynnda, me and 2 other good friends from the Winter Haven 912 attended a Lincoln Day Dinner in Daytona Beach sponsored by the Volusia County Republican Club with over 500 participants featuring POTUS Trump’s confidant and former National Security Strategy advisor Dr. Sebastian Gorka as the keynote speaker.

Dr. Gorka was very charming, witty and frank in his talk where he wandered around among the audience seated at 70+ Tables. Several thoughts came out that you may find interesting.

  1. He stated with a grin and a laugh that Donald J. Trump is absolute Kryptonite to the left. He is so right about that and one of the reasons they HATE him so much for being elected. We Deplorables know all that he has accomplished and that he has kept his promises to us and more. His many actions have both dismantled Obama’s so called legacy as well as delivered a booming economy and the beginning of the return of prosperity to the middle class.
  2. When asked about AG Jeff Sessions and when and if he was going to do something to hold the Clintons accountable for their many criminal and/or seditious activities his response was “There is a reason there are currently 180 federal inspectors in Little Rock, Arkansas” – he wouldn’t elaborate any further nor would he say anything good or bad about Sessions.
  3. The reason corrupt FBI officials like Peter Strzok have not yet been fired is “there are things that can be done if they’re still on the payroll that can’t be done if they are fired.”
  4. He forthrightly stated that Trump’s election was a “gift from God” but we are a long way from being done. He talked about our failed education system and how our children are being taught to hate our customs, traditions and values upon which this country was founded; to think of America as bad or even evil; that we brought problems like Islamic terrorism on ourselves, etc. and how this must be turned around. He mentioned a recent poll of millennials where 44% stated they preferred “socialism” as their preferred form of government.
  5. He elaborated on how the President thinks and relates to people in a way no other President has done in the last 80 years because he is different – he is a businessman, not a lawyer, and/or former politician or military general. He stated President Trump is not only a shrewd deal maker but a people person with great compassion. He is a huge Patriot who deeply loves America and its people.

For example, he told us a story of how he (Dr. Gorka) recently brought 15 Special Forces officers/NCOs from Ft Bragg who were undergoing training in his class for what was scheduled as a 5 min meeting with the President. After 15 mins. where the President personally asked each one questions like where you’re from etc. he said this isn’t good enough and took them to the Oval Office where he called for his photographer and had a group pic taken with them. But….this too was not enough so he had them join him one at at a time for an individual picture. What was scheduled as a 5 min. meeting turned into a 30+ min. meeting and that this is what he does and it drives his scheduler’s wild. Gorka also said this was a first ever in the history of the Special Forces Qualification Course.

Who can remember any time Obama had any military other than perhaps some of his PC yes men Generals and Admirals in the White House especially the Oval office ? He had plenty of time to talk with IRS officials about targeting conservative Tea Party groups as well as many other leftists but the military was obviously a low priority for him.

Dr. Gorka also addressed the DACA situation stating the President understood that the “Dreamers” (who now are avg age of 26) came to the USA with their illegal parents without any knowledge at their young ages bout being illegals. Therefore, he doesn’t feel they should be deported but that they will most likely never become citizens because they will have to go to the very end of a very long line of people already applying for their green cards and/or citizenship.

It was a real privilege to be in the same room with Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a naturalized American Citizen and a true Patriot.

I will interject here that those idiot NFL Philadelphia Eagles including their leftist coach and owner who joined the Obama led “resistance” movement by refusing the opportunity to meet with and be congratulated by President Trump after their Super Bowl win are the exact opposite of these Special Forces Patriotic Americans and should be ashamed of themselves.

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