MOVIE CLIP: Conclusive Proof that Nazism is on the Political Left

Dinesh D’Souza sent out the video clip below from his latest film “Death of a Nation: Can we save America a second time?

D’Souza notes, “Here’s the actual Nazi 25-point platform…The Left accuses Republicans, and President Trump in particular, of being Nazis in an attempt to discredit us. But this is all part of the Democratic Party’s “big lie.”

D’Souza in the email states:

The very term “Nazi” is a compression of two words meaning “national socialist.”

And the official Nazi platform? Take a look:

  • State control of healthcare
  • Profit sharing for workers in large corporations
  • Moneylenders and profiteers punished by death
  • State control of education
  • State control of media and the press
  • State control of banks and industries
    Seizure of land without compensation
  • State control of religious expression

This reads like something written by Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders!

Opening last weekend much to the Left’s outrage, Death of a Nation has already been seen by hundreds of thousands of patriots all over America and the results are in: audiences love D’Souza’s latest exposé.

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