WARNING: Evil is Attacking America

In my writings, I am deliberately bringing to your attention different political terms showing the various forces attacking our great system of government: Stalinism, Sovietization, the Soviet Mafia, Soviet Socialism, and Socialist Mafia. These terms are the tentacles of Soviet Fascism’s ideology that have been piercing America for several decades. By giving and defining these terms, I hope, you will be able to grasp the long-term process of infiltration of our country by the global socialist/communist forces and their political operatives. Knowing history will help you to understand this massive invasion that started after Socialist Revolution in Russia a hundred years ago and which has doubled since 1967, when Yuri Andropov became the KGB Chairman. Unfortunately, some of these deadly developments were missed by our Intel, and now you can see the result of those mistakes in August 2018.

Let me bring to your remembrance the evil forces arrayed against America the Beautiful in these days: Vladimir Putin’s ideology of world domination carried out by the Russian state Intel, the Clinton/Obama cabal with Putin, the Leftist Democrats, jihadist Muslims, illegal immigrants and scoundrels who are gaming the American system, and the corruption of our Intelligence Services. All of which I have written about in my books and articles.

No, there were not Russians alone who meddled in the 2016 election. In fact there was the united force of the Democrat Party in cahoots with the Russian Intelligence Service doing just that. They have been collaborating for decades under the nose of our Intelligence agencies, building Socialist Mafia-like culture that has gone undetected. [Read my column Failed American Intelligence, August 1, 2018.] It is not a coincidence that the majority of Americans think the FBI was biased in Clinton and Trump investigations. They are right, the FBI used its considerable power to exonerate its friends (Clinton) and punish its enemy (Trump). America is now experiencing all the traits, aspects and features of the preparations for the Socialist Revolution by the Dems: lies and intimidation, fraud and fabrications, injustice, and violence. This united force will use the 2018 midterm elections to take over the House and begin a Socialist Revolution in America the way it took place in Russia hundred years ago, when the ideology of Soviet Fascism was born. Clinton and Obama have already started the ball rolling to that end.

When Chris Wallace interviewed Vladimir Putin, July 16, 2018, there was one truthful sentence from Putin: “this is internal political game.” He was talking about the fight between Republicans and Dems in American politics. And he was right. Yet, he purposely hid the force behind the partisan battles, because the force is the Russian Intel Service in cahoots with the Dems for the last decades through their proxy-traitors and infiltrated democratic institutions. I called it Andropov’s Operation Barbarossa against the American Republic, which has started in 1969. Andropov was the KGB Chairman 1967-1982. See my column  Putin’s KGB on American Soil, January 26, 2018. Using the term KGB, I mean the entire Russian Intel Service—it is a collective image, the reason I use it is because those three letters are familiar to the vast majority of Americans.

Socialist Mafia in America

In fact, the anti-Trump Investigation is a distraction, a cover-up of Obama’s and DNC’s crimes committed in collaboration with Putin’ KGB. Obama weaponized our entire security apparatus – CIA, FBI, DOJ, solidifying an anti-American, communist-supporting, terrorist fringe, I called Socialist Mafia. They fabricated a crime by Trump, triggered by the KGB production of a fake FBI dossier (file) on him. With no real evidence of a crime the investigation has become a perjury trap to convict President Trump. While the real crime committed by the Democrats gets no media attention and goes unpunished-a typical injustice of Soviet Fascism. Do you have an idea about the force running “a criminal cabal?” Yes, Vladimir Putin and his KGB in collaboration with the Dems. Actually, this has given the GOP a golden opportunity to expose the Dems for what they really are. The fate of the Democrat Party is at stake and some Dems knowing that will defend the Clinton/Obama schemes by all means possible, by hook or by crook, with rhetorical spins taught by Stalin. Yet, the facts are telling us the real story:

Barack Hussein Obama: Con Man & Criminal Admits He is Foreign-Born

“Three years ago, I visited Kenya as The first sitting president to come from Kenya.” -Barack Hussein Obama, BRADLEE DEAN, Freedom Outpost, AUGUST 3, 2018.  The words Con Man & Criminal reminded me my description of Comrade Stalin: “Marxist theory, which opened Pandora’s Box in the 19th century marched across the globe to the 20th century. It was used by thugs, charlatans, and criminals to acquire power, to fool, mislead, manipulate, and then to abuse and exploit people around the globe. The leader who had all the negative human characteristics mentioned above was Joseph Stalin.”  He left us his Doctrine of Soviet Socialism, used by the Socialist Mafia forces in America today. I called his Doctrine the Ideology of Soviet Fascism, implemented by the Obama/Putin Conspiracy in America…

Look at another announcement about the book titled The Manchurian President. “Aaron Klein has unmasked the most radical — and therefore dangerous — president by far this country has ever seen. The radical forces that shaped Obama, as revealed in this telling investigation, were not the best of the radical sixties, but the very worst — the anti-American, communist-supporting, terrorist fringe.”- David Horowitz, bestselling author. Yet, there had been two Manchurian Presidents in America, I have written about for the last thirty years: Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Both had been chosen by the anti-American, communist-supporting, terrorist fringe, run and coordinated by the KGB. The critical issue for America is the investigation of both Manchurian Presidents to save the American Republic and show the incredible damage done by Socialist Mafia to our America the Beautiful over the last several decades.

The term “political ideology” is all over the media and print, but which ideology? There’s been a lot of conflicting viewpoints and explanations about democratic socialism, the ideology claimed by Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Some people say it’s just a lighter version of capitalism, modeled off what they have in Norway and, to an extent, in the UK and Canada. Wrong! It is wrong to compare those countries to Socialism. Norway is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy, formally known as the Kingdom of Norway. It has a capitalist market economy, the legislature, the Starting, is elected within a multi-party system, where Socialist Party has 4%, and Communist Party 0%. Realize that at the heart of Socialism is State control. The State controls all property, its means of production, and controls the speech of its inhabitants. There is only one political party allowed. As you can see it is a fraudulent idea of comparison. As usual the Socialist Mafia and its media friends are using fraud to deceive you.

Moreover, it is a double fraud, because the term Democratic Socialism is itself an oxymoron—a democrat can’t be a socialist, a socialist can’t be democratic. The term reveals a total absence of the knowledge of socialist policy. Socialism means a dictatorship in a struggle to end individual liberty and private property, which is the opposite of democracy. In fact, it’s another version of communism, I call it Soviet Fascism. It aims to overthrow the private marketplace, redistribute wealth until “wealth” no longer exists, and put the government in charge of everything, the exact way Stalin created his Soviet Socialism. Do you remember the collapse of the Soviet Union? It was a collapse of the socialist economy. The Socialist Mafia and Dems in America are preparing the same result for the American Republic. They are the No. 1 Enemy of America the Beautiful!

I regret that contemporary academia and philosophers have avoided contrasting vying ideologies. The collapse of the Soviet Union was the appropriate time to do so. Instead, the world’s euphoria prevented serious discussions and analyses. Knowing the consequences of Marxist-Socialist teaching, I would argue that Marxism with its “scientific” appearance was used by charlatans and criminals to acquire power, to fool, abuse, manipulate, and exploit people. Stalin had quadrupled the fraud. So-called Marxist Socialism caused immense destruction of the land and death for tens of millions of innocent people around the globe. Contrast that with the overwhelming success of the free enterprise ideology! Whether academia recognizes it or not, the people of this world need to know these things or continue to suffer the same fate. I tried to deliver this explanation in my books and columns, especially in my book Socialist Lies: From Stalin to the Clintons, Obamas, and Sanders, Xlibris, 2016.

Andropov’s Legacy and Failed American Intelligence

I have mentioned Andropov for a reason, he was a conduit between Stalin and Putin. A most unusual leader of the KGB, he was an experienced thinker, thinking globally, master tactician, and builder of the agency, which is now the face of Putin’s KGB. But before dealing with Andropov, to show how it has begun, let me give you some sentences from an old Soviet document, as a response to Stalin’s plan of drugging the West. Several Soviet institutions had taken Stalin’s assignment very seriously: The KGB, The Soviet Defense Ministry, and the Soviet Academy of Science.

The Soviet Academy of Science researched the effect of drugs on the human body and mind for many years and the conclusions were that drug trafficking would be extremely effective and the most vulnerable countries would be the United States, Canada, France, and West Germany. This study was approved in 1955 by the Soviet Defense Council. It was the first formal Soviet decision of the Soviet government to launch narcotics trafficking against the bourgeoisie and especially against the American capitalists:

“Soviet strategy for revolutionary war is a global strategy… narcotics strategy is a sub-component of this global strategy. …First was the increased training of leaders for the revolutionary movements—the civilian, military, and intelligence cadres. The founding of Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow is an example of one of the early actions taken to modernize the Soviet revolutionary leadership training. The second step was the actual training of terrorists. Training for international terrorism actually began as ‘fighters for liberation’…The third step was international drug and narcotics trafficking. Drugs were incorporated into the revolutionary war strategy as a political and intelligence weapon to use against the bourgeois society and as a mechanism for recruiting agents of influence around the world.”

This paragraph doesn’t need any explanations for those who can read English. It was decided THEN in 1955 to wage the war on many fronts—an asymmetrical war against Western civilization. Don’t be surprised by the Opiod epidemic in America or corruption in the IRS. Stalin’s devoted disciples have developed, even widened the tools, devices, methods, and tricks of the war crimes committed since 1955. And the leading role in that development belongs to Yuri Andropov, the KGB Chairman 1967-1982. It was Andropov, who had designed the plan to infiltrate the American social media, and the entire American Security apparatus to crush the free enterprise economic system and create a Socialist economy in America.

This issue is key to understanding the contemporary predicament of America and especially events in Washington D.C. The knowledge of Andropov’s Operation Barbarossa is a must. Just look at our media— censorship and attempts at thought control are prevailing everywhere. Political Correctness abounds in all forms of media. Facebook is banning conservatives for their ideological positions, as it was in the Soviet Union, where all media and print were under censorship of the communist government. The scandal of fraud, abuse, and corruption in the FBI, DOJ, and CIA is in front of your face and tells you that Andropov’s Operation Barbarossa has achieved a lot infiltrating and paralyzing both our media and Intel Security apparatus. It was done in collaboration with the Dems for decades, missed by American Intel.

I’ve already told you about a fake Trump Dossier, produced by the KGB, I have no doubts, its handwriting well known to me. Yet I don’t want to be involved in the current debate about the FBI, DOJ, and CIA corruption and abuses in America. Those are the symptoms of corrupt Soviet Socialism the disease, the source of the disease itself is the ideology of Soviet Fascism, inculcating and propagandizing the young and old, and spread by the KGB throughout the world. A devoted disciple of Stalin and Andropov, Putin, continues spreading the design left by both to impact the 21st century. Two Manchurian Presidents have implemented this ideology in America.

Jeremiah Jacques is right only partially when talking about Putin’s military policy in Putin Creates Political Wing for Russian Army, in Chilling Echo of Soviet Era, by JEREMIAH JACQUES, The Trumpet Breif, and SEPTEMBER 2018: “All of this is reminiscent of a gradual return to the ussr.” No, it is much worse–a devoted disciple of Stalin and Andropov, Putin wants to utterly destroy Western civilization and become President of the World. That is why the war against the West and Andropov’s design, which I called Operation Barbarossa are the major topics missed by our Intel and Security apparatus. During the first hundred years the new symptoms of this ‘disease’ will regularly come up on our soil and continue to spread in the second hundred years unless we defeat the ideology of Soviet Fascism intellectually and completely for good.

I am not alone thinking this way, another author summarized it even better in a wonderful article: See Something, Say Something: A U.S. Classified Brainwashing Program by Dave Gaubatz


  1. There are now over 3000 Islamic mosques in America. 80 plus percent are Sunni Wahhabi and financed by Saudi Arabia. All are anti American.
  2. The FBI and CIA are liberal political machines designed to turn America into a socialist country.
  3. Illegal immigrants are a burden to America ten times more than they do any good whatsoever.
  4. Muslims (both violent and nonviolent) in America do not want to assimilate and put sharia law above the U.S. Constitution.
  5. ANTIFA and MS 13 are both criminal gangs who have no place in America.

All of the five are the result of our Intel’s failure, missing the major source undermining America —the ideology of Soviet Fascism. Antifa is a typical creation of any fascist entity— an aggressive threat and violence against conservatives with masked face.  NBC REPORTER DOCUMENTS ANTIFA-LED CHARLOTTESVILLE PROTESTS — AND THEN THEY TURN ON HIM, Virginia Kurta | Associate Editor, 10:04 AM 08/12/2018. Moreover, Secret Service investigating Antifa death threats issued against Trump at D.C. rally lately.

Preparations for the midterm election are going on–the events taking place in Russia had mysteriously found the American soil. For decades we heard about the murder-contracts in Russia. A lot of people had been killed by the murder-contracts. How do you like the same thing going on in America?

“A man with a history of threatening politicians and law enforcement has been arrested by federal agents in New York after offering money to anyone who would kill an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent.” Man Arrested For Offering Money To Kill ICE Agents, The Political Insider, By Ann | August 9, 2018 3:51PM.

When I am writing these words, my TV is showing the protest in Washington D.C. imitating the events in Charlottesville a year ago. This is again a reminder of Russian invasion to me. A year ago, I reacted on the same protest in Charlottesville, writing the column, describing how it was orchestrated and enflamed by the members of the Clinton mafia, Terry McAuliffe, a Governor of the state in cahoots with Andrew McCabe. I knew well the members of Clinton’s mafia and their cooperation with the KGB.

Republican Congressman Tom Garrett talked Russian meddling on CNN on Saturday — but not in the 2016 presidential election. Rather, Garrett claimed that the Russians had meddled to stir the racial tensions that sparked a violent rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last year. GOP REP. DROPS BOMB ON CNN: RUSSIANS MEDDLED IN CHARLOTTESVILLE TO STIR RACIAL TENSIONS, the daily Caller, Virginia Kruta | Associate Editor, 6:30 PM 08/11/2018

There is no structural racism in our America the Beautiful. The Dems together with the KGB have manufactured and spread racism in America. I learned their activities from Andropov, the man was a master to stir the racial tension to create division. Let me show you again Andropov’s character and his words in a conversation of two KGB’s Generals:

General Pacepa wrote: “According to Andropov… the Muslims had a taste for nationalism, jingoism, and victimology. Their illiterate, oppressed mobs could be whipped up to a fever pitch. Terrorism and violence against Israel and her master, American Zionism, would flow naturally from the Muslims’ religious fervor, Andropov sermonized.”  (“Russian Footprints,” by Ion Mihai Pacepa, National Review Online, August 24, 2008.)

Now you can see the personality and character of the KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov targeting America in different aspects. Yes, the Muslims mobs were “whipped up to a fever pitch” by the Andropov KGB. Moreover, the same policy was targeting our Black population by the KGB document designed to inflame the racial division in America in the 1960-70s, titled Message to the Black Movement, A Political Statement from the Black Underground. Please, read the document to see clear racism in the ideology of Soviet Fascism…

Knowledge of Andropov’s Doctrine is a must to understand Putin’s global policy–it is the answer to events in the Middle East, ISIS, Iran, Turkey, and Pakistan, let alone all scandals in Washington D.C. the Opioid epidemic, the IRS, and many others. Like Lenin, Stalin, and Andropov, Putin is thinking globally, like them, he is a Globalist, spreading his ideology globally. There is another aspect to our domestic predicament: it is important to learn the concept of a Controlled Opposition, which I learned from the KGB—it is a global concept to infiltrate and damage from within. The concept has two intertwined elements – the physical and psychological working together:

First: Controlled Opposition means having a spy who is acting within your enemy’s party, who behaves as your forces command. Second: Your forces create a so-called “Legend,” a false narrative, which will be spread by the media to substitute a true event with the “Legend” to accuse the opposition with the very crime committed by your forces. The KGB is a master of combining those two physical and psychological elements of the Controlled Opposition in both the Soviet and Russian times inside Russia for decades. And the subordinated Soviet media has always helped to spin the “Legend.” In the case of America it is the infiltrated media and KGB’s information-operation were spinning the “Legend” nationwide. You are witnessing this on CNN every day. The Cohen case is a good example of that, where his lawyer Lanny Davis, an intimate member of Clinton’s mafia, instructed Cohen how to testify against the interests of President Trump.

I am writing about that, because I have a duty to share what I know to help my country to fight officially and effectively the current infiltration of socialist/communist forces in our country to save the American Republic. I have an impression that the anti-Trump campaign of collusion with Russia is the “Legend,” a narrative created and fabricated by the KGB, and then spun by the infiltrated American media. I see how my country has become a Controlled Opposition, run by the radical army of Socialist Mafia against a successful capitalist, President Trump, to change our political system. The idea that Russia helped Trump to win the election is laughable to me—President Trump is the mortal enemy of Russia, and Russia is a mortal enemy of America…

The danger is real—we are dealing with international conspiracy against the political system of American Republic left to us by our Founding Fathers. We are dealing with espionage and treason to establish Socialism in America. Due to the two Democrat Manchurian Presidents and in collaboration with Russian Intelligence the gate of America had been open for the political operatives of different nationalities during decades; they poured to our lend, penetrating all strata of our society, its institutions and the government–the radical army of Socialist mafia was thus established in America.

I am utterly frustrated watching that, and now I have grasp the reason why the information about my writings was banned; it was done to cover-up the truth about a fraudulent and parasitic system of Socialism, I have exposed in my books and columns. It was done by socialist/communist forces of the radical army of Socialist Mafia in America.

This mafia is beginning to show us their huge penetration of our system—so far 26 members of the FBI and DOJ have been demoted or retired lately. If you know Andropov’s Operation Barbarossa then you will go to the CIA, as he was designing infiltration of the entire Intel apparatus of America. Knowing the KGB handwriting, methods, and tactics, I was looking for the siblings and the members of the family. I have found both. As I have already described the Clinton Mafia, the Podesta Brothers are the intimate members of his mafia; Tony Podesta was a Chairman of Hillary’s campaign, he must know about the Trump/Dossier, paid for by the campaign to the KGB. His brother Tony Podesta was dismantling his questionable office lately, before that he worked in the British Petroleum, when the terrorists blew up the oil platform on the Gulf of Mexico—a typical KGB’s connection…

I also found a family connection. I did not like Rod Rosenstein, listening his stonewalling. His ascent to power was unexpected, but when AG Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russia Probe, Rod Rosenstein had become the master of all of what we are witnessing today–America’s Socialist mafia took over. There is another man I did not like either—the CIA Director, John Brennon, a man who voted for the communist candidate, Gus Hall, in 1976. One Manchurian President made him the CIA Director, responsible for the killing Bin Laden. As I have already described, in my writings, it was a joint military operation by the forces of the U.S. and Russia—Bin Laden was created and coordinated by Russia, like many other terrorist groups. The family connection is a simple one—Rosenstein’s wife is a CIA agent working with John Brennon.

Knowledge is Power

Trump is not “stifling free speech” by revoking Brennon’s security clearance—it signals a monumental investigation of Un-American forces’ conspiracy against the American Republic had started. I did not want to participate in internal debates, but the debates about John Brennon are bringing information I didn’t know before. Writing about the Obama/Putin conspiracy, I thought that Valerie Jarrett was Obama’s person keeping secret ties with Putin. I knew about Obama/Putin joint military operation for killing Bin-Laden and it was clear to me that both had a constant contact. Now reading tweets by other people, I learned more incriminating information about Brennon and the possibility that it was him, the person connected with Putin. See for yourself as Obama’s man Ben Rhodes twitted:

John Brennan was the point person for the Obama White House on the operation that killed Osama bin Laden. He knows a lot more about defending our nation than someone who uses security clearances to punish his political adversaries. Ben Rhodes Aug 15, 2018

Kris Paronto @KrisParonto a hero of Benghazi has answered to that: 

..Or caught lying to congress OR caught spying on Pres. candidates OR caught using their positions to influence US elections OR caught fabricating stories about attacks on US personnel in Libya OR providing weapons to ISIS backed militias in Syria. Should I go on @JohnBrennan ?   

I especially like the following, which is echoing my ideas of Soviet fascism and the effect the Ideology brought to our America the Beautiful:

“Many have commented on how the world seems upside-down now, with right being called wrong, the spineless being lauded as courageous, and the despicable being hailed as heroes. It seems that perhaps Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany Joseph Goebbels was right when he famously said that “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

But the left wing elitist feels it necessary to lecture conservatives, including the President, about honor & integrity. @JohnBrennan #NoHonor #NoIntegrity #Leftisthack

The other man has equally damaging information about Brennan:

Sean Davis‏ Verified account @seanmdav

John Brennan was CIA station chief in Saudi Arabia when the Khobar Towers were bombed. He was deputy exec. Director of the agency on 9/11. He was CIA chief of staff during the Iraq WMD debacle. And he ran the CIA when it spied on Congress (which he lied about under oath).

Those people know John Brennan and I trust to their incriminating  information. Knowledge is Power! When AG Jeff Session recused himself from the Russia Probe, I wrote: “If the AG doesn’t know Russia and its Intelligence service, he can’t control DOJ.”  And he lost control of DOJ—America’s Socialist mafia took over. His recusal cost America financially trillions, plus enormous psychological damage to the country and her citizens. We are experiencing today the result of his recusal.

There are two types of people committing betrayals: those who do not like the system established by our Founding Fathers and are trying to transform it– they are currently collaborating with the KGB to destroy America the Beautiful, and those people who haven’t a clue about the KGB infiltrations, hence becoming their unwitting accomplices. The FBI Director and current security and Intel people won’t be able to identify those people without reading my books and columns. We are dealing with the Axis of Evil and we must know that.

I am glad that the monumental investigation of Un-American forces’ conspiracy against the American Republic has started by President Trump. He has a honorable task to expose Un-American forces and accomplish the Democrat’s generational defeat…

Good Luck America!

To be continued www.simonapipko1.com  www.drrichswier.com/author/spipko/

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