6 Reasons Why Cloud-Based Accounting is a Boon to Your Small Business

Before all the technological advancements we’re enjoying today, small business owners often faced the challenge of becoming more competitive and efficient in their business operations. Tackling money management, for instance, was indeed a time-consuming process using old-school manual accounting software.

Thanks to cloud-based tools, accounting is now more flexible, secure, cost-effective, and competitive. If you have a keen eye to make your small business successful, you should adopt cloud-based accounting in managing the financial aspect of your business. Here are the six reasons why you should use it now.

The Storage is Free

One of the good things about cloud-based accounting is that you won’t have to install anything because the storage is online and free. You can also guarantee that there are regular and automatic updates to keep your accounts secure. It will minimize overhead cost and other expenses as the cloud service provider shoulders the management of the cloud software.

It Provides Accuracy

In old-school manual accounting, compliance risks and commission of errors are not far-fetched. Accounting processes in a cloud, on the other hand, are not only user-friendly but also more accurate.

Detection of fraud and minor errors are easier because the accounting process is fully automated. It means you won’t waste a lot of your time looking for errors.

Security is Guaranteed

It’s understandable that some business owners have doubts about cloud-based security. However, it’s also undeniable that there are features of cloud-based accounting that make your financial accounts more secure than locally-hosted accounting software.

An excellent example of this is the cloud’s backup feature that prevents the likelihood of any loss of data from your accounts. Even if someone steals your computer, you can assure that no one can access your data unless that person has your account details.

Besides, you’ll still have access and manage your cloud-based account through your smartphone or another computer. So, there won’t be any interruption to your business operations.

It Fosters Collaboration

Old-school accounting software only provides access to one user. With cloud-based accounting, however, any key person of your business can view and work through the financial data via their smartphones. Thus, it fosters collaboration within a team. Anytime and anywhere team members can have updates and will stay connected with their work.

It Guarantees Flexibility

Locally-hosted accounting software only allows a user to access the financial information in one location – the office computer, for instance. It’s not the case with using cloud-based accounting.

Since using cloud technology enables a user to access the data as long as there’s internet connection, you can do your work anytime, anywhere. Your accounting job will now be more flexible. Moreover, you can utilize add-ons where you can integrate systems in case you want to work with a management tool or a payroll system.

Using Cloud is More Efficient

A cloud-based accounting is a tool that provides an increased level of efficiency and productivity to your business. If you use a cloud, gone are the days when you worry about maintenance and installations. You can now have more time to concentrate on the marketing and customer/client side of your business.

Efficiency is one of the reasons why a lot of small businesses are now switching to cloud-based accounting. If you want to learn more about cloud-based accounting, you can check sites like Compass Accounting for that purpose.


It’s essential for your business to keep updated with what’s new in technology. One of the technological advancements that provide a huge benefit to your business is a cloud-based accounting. It’s now a hot topic among business and tech circles because of its promise to make a more competitive advantage to a business endeavor.

Cloud-based accounting provides more security, efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility in working your financial data. That’s why you shouldn’t miss this technology to make your business successful.

EDITORS NOTE: This Leslie Wyman column with images is republished with permission.

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