Ways To Safely Store Your Firearms

In today’s world, you just can’t be too safe. Violent organizations like Antifa are everywhere it seems, criminals are waiting to break into your home, or rob you on the street and then you have groups actively trying to take away your guns, which is your defense against all of this craziness.

It’s enough to make you depressed. But I would rather be ready for anything than be depressed. And that means having my legally owned firearms always at the ready. However, once you are ready to defend yourself, you have to make sure that your family is safe and protected from accidents involving your guns.

So we have some tips for storing your firearms that will prevent disaster in your home. Your family is the most important thing in your life. You have a home security system for your house to keep them safe, so make sure that you take the same precautions with your weapons.

Store Ammunition Separately

Below we have some great tips on how to keep your guns safely stored, but it is a good idea to always store your ammo in a separate place. It’s just good safety practice.

Trigger Locks

Sadly, you’ve seen the news stories about kids who got a hold of a gun and accidentally killed themselves. Thankfully, these heartbreaking scenarios are avoidable by using trigger locks. They keep your gun from being fired or loaded by others. The good news is that most new guns come with a trigger lock. Some simply clasp around the trigger or trigger housing to prevent the trigger from being pulled. Other solutions will block the action of the firearm from being closed. They can also prevent a magazine from being loaded into a grip. So even if someone gets to your weapon, they can not fire it.

Gun Safes

I’ve always found it odd that so many people use safes for their valuables and yet many of these same people will not lock up their firearms in a safe. It is the most secure means of securing your gun. Gun safes even have lined interiors that will help to protect the finish of your guns. They are heavy safes made of heavy-gauge steel and have complex locking mechanisms that burglars can’t beat. You can also bolt them to the wall or the floor. This is the safest place for your guns when they are not needed.

Gun Cases

Gun Cases are another good option. These soft and hard-side cases can be locked for when you transport your guns. Much like trigger locks, this is a very affordable solution. They are portable and easy to store anywhere, whether you are shooting at the range or attending a gun show. Many people even use these in their homes to guard against kids getting their hands on their guns.

Locked Steel Gun Cabinets

Locked gun cabinets are great because they allow you to have more room for your weapons, while still providing a locked place for them. They have various shelf and configuration options too. They use a thinner gauge steel, so they are not as heavy as gun safes and can also be moved easier. Which is why this is great for a second floor and people who live in apartments love them as well.

These are the best ways to keep your guns safe while they are being stored. We love our firearms and the freedoms they afford us, but nobody wants unauthorized people gaining access to them. The results can be disastrous and it can ruin your life while ending another. Besides, keeping your guns safe is just a part of being a responsible gun owner. Keep in mind that these measures will help protect your guns from others, but it is still a good idea to have a home security system installed in your home. You can learn more about them over at Gadgetreview. With home security in place and your guns stored safe, you will be all set.

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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is courtesy of 88 Tactical.

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