Getting There: The Different Types of Senior Care That You Need to Know

Knowing if your elderly loved ones need senior care as well as to what type of senior care will suit their needs is essential. Your knowledge in this area will help you address how to give them the support and assistance in this crucial stage of their lives.

Nowadays, you can find several types of senior care that public and private institutions offer. Each of them has its pros and cons, depending on the person’s needs and other constraints like the budget. If you want to provide your elderly folks with the right senior care, here’s an article that will be of significant help to your knowledge. So take a read!

Memory Care Program

As the term implies, a memory care program is a type of care for old people who have disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. In facilities that offer this type of senior care, patients can obtain services like medical, recreational, and social activities.

Your old folks can avail of memory care programs through private funds or government subsidies or a combination of the two.

Senior Day Care Program

This type of senior program offers care and support to elderlies in a daytime schedule. Old folks who don’t need all day assistance can choose to attend once or twice weekly, depending on their free time. They can partake in recreational and social activities, as well as get therapy and medical services.

Senior day care programs can cost around $35 to $50 daily based on the types of services that you avail from the care center. For you to minimize the expenses, there are senior care programs run by the government that you can enroll your old folks into.

Independent Living Community Care

Seniors under this type of care are individuals who want to spend their retirement days with less stress than living in their own homes. Typically, residents in independent living community care are active and healthy.

Such senior care facilities have social and recreational areas such as a library and workout gym. Essential services such as security, food, and housekeeping are also provided in an independent living community care center.

Assisted Living Program

Assisted living facilities give comprehensive care and support to the daily lives of their residents. They provide social and recreational activities to the elderlies to make their stay in the facilities worthwhile. There are also personal care workers that will assist old folks in their daily basic needs.

Nursing Home Care

Nursing home care facilities provide round-the-clock assistance to elderlies. Unlike in assisted living facilities, nursing homes employ licensed health professionals along with personal care workers.

This type of senior care is focused on medical and rehabilitative services. Old people with chronic illness or physical injuries can enroll in a nursing home care program. In cities and states, there are free nursing home care programs provided by the local government.

Home Care Program

Old folks who want assistance at home can avail of a home care program. Typically, there’s a nurse or a caregiver who caters to the daily needs of the individual. These tasks involve assisting him/her with food preparation, bathing, grooming, and medication.

Private and for-profit institutions mainly manage home care programs for the elderlies. You can visit sites like Partners for Home if you’re looking for this type of senior care for your loved one. These professional institutions provide the best and personalized care to elderly patients.

Continuing Care Program

Under this type of senior care, old folks can obtain basic services such as housekeeping, social and recreational activities, and skilled medical assistance. If your elderly loved one has a progressive illness, a continuing care program is ideal for him/her.

There are government facilities in cities that provide affordable continuing care program. You can enroll your old folks in such facilities to minimize your expenses for the care that they need.


Indeed, there are several types of senior care out there to provide to your old folks. It’s crucial that you know what are those to give them the ideal senior care that they need. The article above is a huge help to shore up your knowledge about the different types of senior care.

It’s important to note that each individual is unique, therefore warranting a unique type of treatment. The types of care above are just examples of what professional and certified institutions can offer to your loved ones.

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