15 Ideas to Ponder

Here are 15 ideas/statements you should consider and share:

1.  Senator John McCain was not a war hero.  He was not a true conservative.  McCain was a traitor to America and especially to missing POW’s in Vietnam.  He did everything he could and achieved the goal of not allowing classified material from the Vietnam war era to be released to the American public.  He did this because the intelligent reports would have shown his collaboration with North Vietnam.  Simply crashing your military aircraft (which he had done so on 3 prior occasions) and becoming a POW does not make one a hero.  McCain was at the very bottom of the Naval Academy when he graduated (bottom five of 894).  He should have never been allowed to become a pilot.

2.  Islam is not a religion of peace.  It is an ideology of economic, political and military characteristics and uses religion as a tool to achieve their ultimate goal of an Islamic nation worldwide and under Shariah law.  Islam is a grave danger to not only America but to the world.  Islam is a satanic cult which needs to be destroyed.  Never ever trust a person who aligns with this cult. Deception and lying are principals to this cult.

3.  Be proud of your culture and race regardless of how the media portrays you.  It is an honor to be a white person as well.  You should hold no shame for being born white and you should teach your children to be proud.  If you are born black you should also be proud.  Stand up for your country and your race.

4.  America is the greatest country in the world.  Be proud of your country and always be willing to die for her if need be.

5.  Slavery is an evil that has taken roots in our world since the beginning of civilization.  Slavery has been a world wide pandemic in virtually every country and still flourishes in every Islamic based country to this day.  Do not be ashamed of Americas past involving slavery.  Slavery was not a white mans invention.  Blacks in African based countries introduced slavery for economic profit.  Whites in America fell into the trap of accepting slavery, but always remember you had nothing to do with this, nor do your children.  Do not allow liberals (communists) make you feel guilty.  Remind the critics that blacks sold their own to many countries 250 years ago and to this day slavery exists in Africa and in many countries throughout the world.  Islamic based countries still have slavery to this day.

6.  Saudi Arabia controls all of Sunni Islam and Iran controls all of Shia activities around the world.  Never trust either of these countries.  They are the major enemies of America.  They are not in anyway friends of America.

7.  Always support Israel.  The Israelis are true friends of America and they will always support Americans.

8.  Israel, Canada, and England are the only countries we can rely on in time of war.  Do not trust any other country regardless of their propaganda messages.

9.  Islamic mosques throughout the world are nothing more than safe havens for military operations carried out against their enemies around the world, and yes this includes America.  There are now over 3000 mosques in America and their ultimate goal is to destroy America.

10.  Organizations such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa are communist controlled organizations.  Beware of them and never trust any person involved with these organizations.

11.  American media organizations are primarily supporters of liberal (communist) ideas and never should you listen to them for non biased information.  This includes Fox News and their personalities.  The people employed by all major news networks do so for ratings and significant paychecks.  Yes again this includes FOX.  The majority of media personalities are true communists.  They will do or say anything for personal profit.  a good example is the former Fox News personality Megan Kelly.  She came across as an honest conservative, but behind her mask she was a liberal.

12.  President Trump is the best President our country has ever had, except for possibly Ronald Reagan.  He is not perfect, as no person is, but he loves America and the American people.  Support him or we will lose America.

13.  Educators in American schools from the earliest grades through college are primarily liberal and they are teaching your children to hate America and to embrace communism.  Do not trust them.  If possible self educate your children or place them in the few select private schools that are conservative.

14.  Always support the U.S. Constitution.  The right to bear arms is a fundamental American right.  Enemies within our government know that they can only go so far in instilling communist ideas because they realize the American conservatives own millions of firearms and will protect this country with their blood before they allow America to be taken over by Islamic or communist groups.  Never ever disarm.

15.  Martial law will engulf our country whenever we next have a liberal (communist) in control of our government.  Martial law will be the warning sign that true conservatives need to realize is the signal to take America back even if it means giving your life.  Children are the future of America.  Protect them by showing your love for America and control what liberals are trying to teach them.  Teach them that the Constitution is the only true law of the land.

Follow the 15 points above and America will flourish.  If you choose to not do so you will see in your lifetime the fall of our great country.

EDITORS NOTE: This column on We Are Not Afraid.

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