Amazon Action Thriller ‘Jack Ryan’ is Totally Politically Incorrect — And a Must Watch!

I have watched all eight initial episodes of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series an Amazon Prime original series. I can only say that it is stunning in its honest treatment of the difficulties faced in war between the U.S. government (CIA, DOD, DHS) against the global Islamist threat. I can’t wait for then next episodes.

Here is the trailer:

Why is this series so different from what most people see? Because it tells the truth about Islam. Because of this I found it refreshing that this series was ever made given the pro-Islamic bent of Hollywood. The lead character is Jack Ryan played by John Krasinski, who appeared in “13 Hours” the docudrama about Benghazi.

I found this series politically incorrect but the best portrayal of what America faces from the followers of Islam. Here are some of the reasons:

  1. It shows Islam and the followers of Mohammed for what they believe in, their duty to conduct a never ending holy war (jihad) against the non-believers and their fellow Muslims.
  2. It also shows some of the followers of Mohammed helping, for money, as tribe fights against tribe.
  3. The series depicts a form of Islam that transcends ISIS. A new leader Suleiman (played by Ali Suliman) plans a series of attacks in Europe, specifically Paris, and against the POTUS.
  4. Suleiman becomes radicalized (finds Allah and meaning in his life) while in a French prison. This radicalization in prisons across America is happening to day.
  5. The series depicts an attempted honor killing by the leader sheikh Suleiman of his wife Hani (played by Dina Shihabi), whose leaves him with her two daughters. He orders her execution.
  6. Suleiman plans and his followers attack at Catholic church in Paris using sarin gas. The attack slaughters 300 Catholics.
  7. Suleiman then plans and executes a second attack against the President of the United States using Ebola.
  8. During the film Suleiman kills his fellow Muslims in order to fulfill his passion to destroy his enemies (infidels)
  9. Finally, Suleiman uses infected America hostages, that he takes from another Muslim sheikh, to be the carriers of the deadly Ebola virus.

I won’t tell you about episode #8 but it is a fitting finish to this first season of Jack Ryan.

This series is the best portrayal of who and what we are fighting. What is interesting is that during the November 2018 midterm elections we find that the Democrat Party has nearly 90 Muslim candidates. Not to speak of the co-Chair on the DNCC, Keith Ellison, who is a Muslim and supports groups like that which Jack Ryan is fighting.

I highly recommend this thriller to all to see and learn from its many lessons.

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  1. L
    L says:

    You may want to add a spoiler alert somewhere… I came to check reviews to see if people were enjoying the series as much as I am but had to stop reading since I’m not done with the series and already know things I shouldn’t.

  2. Harsha Bhatia
    Harsha Bhatia says:

    It’s incredibly brilliant, episode 7 gave me goosebumps.. yet to watch the final episode #8.. but really it’s amazingly crafted.


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