America Has A Problem

You hear it everywhere.  You hear it from just about everyone.  This November’s elections are the Most Important In Our Nation’s History.

Don’t they say that about EVERY election?

Well, there is some truth to the hyperbole, however.  Every election IS important.  Every election counts.  And I mean every election, down to local Dog Catcher.  Why is this so?

The person getting the job will represent you, the people, in that elected capacity for the next two or four or six years.  They will administer their duties as they see fit based on the limits of their elected office.

Thus, elections do have consequences.  In fact, every election has massive consequences.  As we have seen this past presidential election, the change in who occupies the Oval Office can change the course of our country on a dime.

A new governor of a state can change the direction of that state nearly over night.  I am not being dramatic, its just the truth.

Our problem as a nation is that we used to accept an election even if our candidate did not win.  We understood the consequence of electing the right and the wrong people.  If we thought it was the wrong person, we geared up for the next election to make sure the right person got elected.

In the mean time, we had to deal with the decisions made by, the votes cast by the person we did not vote for.  It didn’t matter what party that person was a member or if they were not a member of any party at all.  It was the individual that got elected that made us pay attention.  But the election was fair.

But now we have a whole group of people, a generation of people that don’t believe elections should have consequences. They don’t believe in fair elections.  If their candidate of choice does not win, they will not accept the one who does win.

They tell us this person needs to be booted from office before the next election in order to protect and preserve our democracy.  My question is, what kind of democracy says that only one side can win in a fair election?

Our problem as a nation is that this generation as a whole, is ignorant of the meaning of democracy. They are ill-educated in the ways of elections.  They are childish in their mentality when their candidate of choice does not win. They scream Unfair, Unfair at the top of their lungs like a five year old who was just told to share the toys in their kindergarten class.

Yes America has a problem.  As frightening as it may seem, our biggest problem is not those who win various elections.  Its not even those who run for various elected offices.  Our problem is one generation turning into two generations that don’t understand how a Republic or even a simple Democracy runs or even works.

This problem is only going to get worse, bigger with each passing election cycle. Imagine if you will, by the election of 2020, the Millennial Generation will be hitting 40 and Gen Z will begin to populate the voter rolls with the oldest in that group being about 22.  Two generations that are used to getting their way by screaming not fair.

Let me explain it this way.  Right now we have President Trump and over half the population seems to be happy with what he is doing and the direction he is leading the nation.  But those that voted for him will be outnumbered soon.

By 2024 the voter rolls could tip in the favor of these younger generations.  Generations that are ignorant of our Constitution, of what free and fair elections are.  They wont care about outcomes if their candidate of choice does not win.

Now imagine that the presidential election in 2024 goes to their side.  Do you think a Democrat or Socialist will continue in the direction that President Trump has?  If you think its possible then may I remind you that Donald Trump took a completely different course and direction than Barack Obama did and Trump changed course overnight.

That means a Democrat Socialist will do the same.  Now imagine you trying your best to save this nation during this time.  Save freedom and choice.  Save the Constitution during this time.

If we fail to educate our kids, they will turn into adults who vote and whine when they lose.

Now do you see the problem America has?

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