New Yorker labels movie ‘Peppermint’ racist. Is it because the bad guys are MS13 or the hero is a white woman?

There are two things that get Hollywood critics in a tizzy. The first is a picture of a woman with angel wings made of bullets. The second is a story line that makes the case for securing America’s borders from organizations like MS13. It is the perfect film for those “despicable” supporters of President Donald J. Trump.

In The New Yorker magazine article titled “Peppermint,” Reviewed: Jennifer Garner Stars in an Ignorant, Racist Drug-Trade Revenge Film” Richard Brody writes:

Mediocre movies often appear and then disappear, as though they’d never been, but “Peppermint” (directed by Pierre Morel and written by Chad St. John), which opens today, leaves a trace of slime that’s hard to wipe up—and leaves the feeling that it would be better for the world at large if this movie hadn’t been made. It’s a new version of an old genre, the vigilante tale, but with a special whiff of prejudice, hatred, and resentment that—for all the film’s absurd artifice—blend all too readily into the distorted mental landscape of current American life. [Emphasis added]

Then Brody tells us really why he truly hates “Peppermint” stating,

“Peppermint” is a racist film that reflects the current strain of anti-immigrant politics and its paranoid focus on MS-13.

So, MS13 gang members killing a white husband and his white daughter is racist?

Others like ScreenRant’s Chris Agar are more subtle stating, “Despite a committed performance by Garner, Peppermint is an extremely forgettable and bland action movie that leaves no impression with the viewer.” Agar calls “Peppermint” a “bland action romp…The villains are as by-the-numbers as they come, with most amounting to little more than faceless cartel and gang members looking to track Riley down before she causes more problems for their operation.” [Emphasis added]

It appears Agar would prefer villains who are white supremacists attacking the poor defenseless MS13 gang members.

This is a classic example of Hollywood eating its own when the movie doesn’t have a hate Trump’s merit based immigration and build the wall policies. Add to this the blasphemy of the wings of the heroine made up of various bullets. The NRA couldn’t have done it better. A good girl with a gun is more than worth the watch.

Let me say that I’m looking forward to watching “Peppermint.” My congratulations to “Peppermint” Director Pierre Morel and writer Chad St. John. Well done!


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  1. Julet
    Julet says:

    It’s not seeing what’s wrong with the movie. Literally attempting to dodge the issues. Yes..Jennifer Garner, the white woman, playing a character who is the answer to this community’s problem IS a problem. The slogan alone is problematic. The failing system only matters when a white woman is affected, is it? Because the violence that happens (minority-on-minority violance) and the “vigilante revenge” that takes place on a constant basis is nothing worth writing about unless it’s staring a white actor/actress. Think about what image this movie is creating. Stop getting off topic. This idea would work better with white people seeking vengeance on other white people on white dominated violence. Set the movie in England, for that matter. But step into the minorities world to become the hero sets a message. A Pocahontas’ John Smith problem. Minorities being saved by the white woman who has what it takes to take down a gang. Hispanics are svaed. Because there are MANY Latinas who have lost their loved ones to street violance and their stories produce zero inspiration for revealing a corrupted justice system. least inspiration to have the story told from a latina’s view. But I guess Jennifer Garner makes money. This story makes sense….from the white perspective. A story that is SO common in rough neighborhoods get to be told from the white perspective. …Yeah, don’t see an issue at all here.


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