If You Believe in #BuildTheWall here are Ten Reasons to see the film “Peppermint”

In our column “New Yorker labels movie ‘Peppermint’ racist. Is it because the bad guys are MS13 or the hero is a white woman?” we wrote:

There are two things that get Hollywood critics in a tizzy. The first is a picture of a woman with angel wings made of bullets. The second is a story line that makes the case for securing America’s borders from organizations like MS13. It is the perfect film for those “despicable” supporters of President Donald J. Trump.

Movieclips Trailers video of “Peppermint”:

We went to see “Peppermint.” For those who believe in the rule of law, building a boarder wall and toughening our immigration enforcement, there are ten reasons you must see the film.

  1. The film depicts Los Angeles (a city run by Democrats) as it truly is, a failed city with a high crime rate, high poverty rate and a growing population living is squalor.
  2. The film shows corruption in the Los Angeles Police Department, that undermines an FBI investigation.
  3. The film shows corruption in the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office that makes the MS13 criminals into the victims and the mother into a criminal.
  4. The film shows a corrupt Los Angeles District judge who is bribed to rule against the mother and in favor of the drug cartel.
  5. The film shows a white family being gunned down by members of MS13.
  6. The film shows a white mother who cannot get justice via the corrupt judicial system.
  7. The film shows how brutal the illegal alien based MS13 organization truly is.
  8. The film shows the enemy of the people to be those who come to America to commit crimes. Los Angeles is a sanctuary city in a sanctuary state.
  9. The film shows how the poorest people of Los Angeles are in great danger from Mexican drug cartels.
  10. And finally, the hero of the film is a white middle class mother who has had everything she loves taken from her and given no other option strikes back.

Jennifer Garner does a stellar job portraying a woman, wife and mother who has felt the pain of having loved ones killed by gangbangers. She portrays a woman who tries to get justice, but justice is not what the system provides.

Sound familiar?

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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is from the “Peppermint” movie trailer showing Jennifer Garner.

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