#MeToo Women We Are Onto You Now!

Women! We are onto you now. Your days of lying and deceit are over. The #MeToo bullsh*t is over.

I can hear you wail, “But now women who have been victimized won’t be believed!” No, probably not…and whose fault is that, you ask? Do not despair. This is not so much your fault as it is the work of a half century or more of liberal politics, but you pushed the envelope. You backed every illegitimate story of sexual impropriety without asking for one scintilla of evidence. You demanded that she be believed, “because she’s a woman.” You bought into the lie and now, you are the little boy who cried wolf and now nobody is listening.

Yours is an age old story that began in the Garden of Eden, and since that time our history has become replete with false accusations and lies about men, but the fault is not entirely yours because you have been cloaked with tremendous power through a millennium of a weak kneed jurisprudence that has deemed you to be the fairer and weaker of the sexes and that somehow has morphed into a belief system that you are to be believed…no matter the circumstances.

The powers that you enjoy have been a staple in the divorce courts across America. Young fathers are now hesitant to bathe their own children for fear that it may one day be used against them or that somehow it is inappropriate for a father to be anywhere near the genitals of their own infant son or daughter and thereby fostering generation after generation of children who do not know that a man can be loving and gentle yet strong, honorable and dependable.

The confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court is a prime example of the usurious power that has been afforded women. One unsubstantiated accusation…..one sentence….just a few words, and the foundation of an entire Republic is placed on hold with a dark shadow of doubt about a Jurist with an unimpeachable record in the Nation’s second highest court. Ironically, Judge Kavanaugh has become a victim of the very institution that he has so dearly loved and worked so very hard to achieve such a stellar reputation in.

Between the sexes, the game is rigged and the cards are stacked. It’s time that we demand what women themselves have demanded for so very long…parity! Let the accuser come forward and make her claim and let the accused have his day in the very court where Judge Kavanaugh himself resides, and if the preponderance of evidence weighs in a woman’s favor, let the accused face the consequences, but if there is not a preponderance of evidence to support that claim, let there also be equal and fair consequences for the accuser. Lady justice, let her truly be the bellwether of right and wrong. For remember…the lady who holds the scale of justice is also blindfolded and therefore cannot see whether you are a man or a woman.


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The Stench of Betrayal

EDITORS NOTE: The featured photo is by Mihai Surdu on Unsplash.

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