VIDEO: From Green to Blue

As fall nips the air — it’s movie watching time.

Filmmaker J.D. King does a great job bringing you the stories of how the Green movement impacted real people’s lives.  He offers a better alternative – A cleaner world through freedom, science and prosperity.

Here’s the official description:

For decades, we’ve been told that Earth is threatened by the activity and even the existence of Mankind. Green policies dictate that the noble response is sacrificing freedom and prosperity to save the planet from peril. Concerned about the future of our country and planet, award-winning filmmaker JD King sets out on a cinematic journey to challenge the Green status quo. Will carbon emissions really cause climate catastrophe? Are we in danger of running out of resources? Is development truly harmful for the environment? Is Green merely a disguise for a new Red? BLUE not only exposes Green’s agendas, but also casts a bold new vision: that through freedom we can realize a fuller potential for humanity and this beautiful planet we call home. 

Professor Matt Malkin of UCLA writes:

In BLUE, filmmaker JD King takes you into some of the most spectacular forest lands in North America, and introduces you to many of the real people who have made their lives there for generations. They are now in a desperate battle to save everything they value, their land, their jobs, their families, their way of life. You may be shocked to discover that their worst enemy has become the ‘environmental’ movement. Do our new environmental governors really know what is best for these rich precious lands? To the contrary, JD King explores the reality underneath the rhetoric, and shows that this movement is no longer about humans’ proper conservancy of nature, but is all about seizing the new ‘green’–of money, power and dictatorial control. Can rational rules for these lands–based on the human values of rights and freedom–prevail? Some of the true stories you will see in this movie may outrage you, some of them will move and inspire you, but you will never take the claims and demands of ‘environmental leaders’ at face value again after experiencing BLUE.

Blue is beautifully filmed and compellingly told.

I enjoyed it and and I think you will too.

Check out “Blue.” You can get your copy at the CFACT store.

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